Maitreya explains the conditioning behind the idea of Soul Mates.


Question: Is there such a thing as soul mates or twin flame? A lot of people are into this kind of stuff.

Maiteya: No, the reason being that you come into this Earth plane to have certain people to come into your life. My channel has had three soul mates. One of them was her first husband. She thought he was her twin soul, twin flame, twin mate. She believed that for many many years, but when the lesson were learned with that mate, she moved on. And the next one came in, he was also there to assist her, raise her vibration to another level, and he did so, when he had done that, he moved on. Now, Alan is in her life, but he is the last one. He said to her you know, on the very first day he met her in New Zealand and he had come to spend the rest of his life with her, he said you know I am the last man in your life, don’t you. She meekly said yes, because she knew on a inner level that he was the last man. You can have many many soul mates, some of them you marry, some of them you live with, some of them you work with. They are angels to you in a sense, you get on so well with them, and if you choose to call them as your soul mate, twin flame, or whatever it is, it’s your prerogative. These words have been created by humanity, not by us, but there is nothing wrong in using these words, because it is what you believe.

Question: But we shouldn’t get caught up in the concept of trying to find this one perfect person that completes us?

Maitreya: No, because the more you try to find that person, that soul, the more elusive they will become. You just need to let them come in, and they will if they are meant to be. But you know that there are many who run away from their twin soul or twin flame. So you see, it is not always as it seems.