Discover what Maitreya has to say about the upward journey of raising your consciousness from lifetime to lifetime.

Video Transcription:

 Questioner: Maitreya, if I’ve spent my life slowly working through my issues, but I get to the other side and I have to reincarnate. Do I start again from the very bottom or do I start at base conscious?

Maitreya:  No no no. You start where you left off, that is why there are some energies who are very very spiritual as you would call it. Very very highly evolved.  And they just respond to spirit, and they don’t need to be taught it’s automatic within them. But you don’t have to start at the beginning again, neither can you become an animal again. You cannot become a cat or a dog. I believe the Buddhist principle in some ways does think that, but no,

Questioner: I think in the Hindu tradition that I think that might be possible in Hinduism as well.

Maitreya: Well there is no way, you continue upwards, upwards and upwards. And then when you get to our world, you continue upwards, Many spirit years ago, I came home for the last time, I didn’t have to return to the Earth plane, but I did not automatically become known as a master teacher. I had to work my way up the different dimensions, until I got to where I am today, and then I had to find my channel, and then she had to work her way up to my level, which she has taken twenty Earth years to achieve.