Maitreya talks about why we have to go through testing periods during our life.


Question: Why is it we go through spiritual testing process then?

Maitreya: Because you choose it, because it is left over karma. For instance, say you die of cancer, and before you die you know that you don’t have to die, but the pain and suffering is such that you can’t take it anymore, so you take your own life, and then you come home and realize that you still have 2 Earth years left in your contract, you don’t just beget it, you come back and do those 2 years, and that is why babies and young children get cancer. It is about the learning of the situation, letting go of fear, letting go of all the emotions connected to that, it is not only there for the child, it is there for the mother and father as while to learn. They choose to come with you to learn also, to let go of their fear, their doubt, etc. Whatever is unfinished in one incarnation carries on into the next, exactly the same, then it is no longer needed, and dissolves, and then you come back with other learning if you choose to.

Question: So is it possible to work through all of our lessons in one lifetime?

Maitreya: Yes it is possible, it makes it very hard, very very hard, but it has been done. It has been done.