Over the years humanity has learned to segregate itself based on fear, and the Photon Energy is designed to raise the vibration of humanity and the Earth plane.


Question: What is the Photon Energy?

Maitreya: It is an energy designed to raise vibration of the Earth plane. Over the Earth years, humanity has become very violent, and very misunderstood, many sects, belief systems and fear. The photon energy is designed to raise the vibration of the Earth plane, to bring out of a lot of fear in humanity, to raise vibration of humanity to a level where they can see and experience a different energy. Where all of sudden people are having “A-Ha” moments, where suddenly what they believe is no longer right. The world is in change, big change., and as such, the energy is aiding that change. I told my channel over the recent election that took place in the United States, and I said to her, long before, the president has served his first term that he would be a second term president. As the years past, after he became president, I reiterated again but people said no he can not do that. But you see, he came to do that, with his planetary alignment on the day of election, and with his own planetary natal alignments, he was ready to do it. It is not about the president, he was just the vessel, it is the change that he brings, the changes that will occur over the future. Even way beyond when he has finished his presidency, but you see he could not do it without the photon energy. The photon energy is bringing change, and people are angry about it. It is bringing anger out in so many, and it is those who want to go backwards to the ways it used to be. Their fear of change, their fear of future is abject, so they want to pull everybody into he past. To when women for instances were under the control of men. A woman should be able to choose her own path, her own medical way, her own choices, she should not be dictated to, like she use to be by a man. It is only in the last 120 years, I do not know the Earth time exactly, women did not have the vote, women did not have so many things, and they have come a long way. They are still in many areas are not paid the same as men. But why, because they are not considered mature enough or knowledgeable enough, but there are many men who do not have that, where the women are far better than the men. The photon energy is designed to bring all the anomalies to the surface, and is meant to make men and women equal. and to take away the negative, and to make a better place on the Earth plane for humanity. It is not about anything to do with anything spiritual, it is all got to do with change.