Crystals are a healing tool designed to raise the vibration and provide spiritual healing.

Video Transcription:

Question: What is the purpose of crystals?

Maitreya: Their purpose is to raise the vibration, it’s like in a pyramid. They are very high in vibration, almost pure yo would say. And yet can I say to you, you can occasionally get a crystal so to speak, that has got a terrible energy. My channel Margaret had one in New Zealand, terrible. She ended up burying it in her garden, because such dire things had happened around it. Crystals are very power, and again it is in the hand of the user. Do you know my channel never had a diamond until she is 58 years old. And the reason is because with every diamond, if you have not worked through your negativity, fears and doubts, a diamond will actually make it worse. So Margaret choose not to have a diamond until she met Alan, and Alan bought her one. By then she had worked through a lot of her past energy. Of course diamonds are gems, they are the same as crystals.

Question: When a young couple gets married, the man buys the wife a nice big diamond ring, can it actually cause problem?

Maitreya: Oh yes, they have no idea. Nobody has ever said anything. There are certain individuals who channel on this planet who knew about this through their channeling, but you have to be very careful with the energy of diamond. It is also in a way responsible for marriages breaking up. Then again on the other hand, it brings out all the old energy that needs to be removed.