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Nothing is going to happen to the world. What is going to happen is that change is taking place, which is shifting the Earth plane to a new plane of existence. What is happening in the world is meant to be. There are no accidents in life, what is happening is that it is bringing change to the world, slowly and surely; the old is being cleared away, and the new being created. Read more…

Video Transcript

Alan: So there are no accidents, only experiences to learn from. There’s nothing evil in the world, everything is perfect as it should be. This is probably one that a lot of people as you go through trials and tribulations have a hard time grasping.

Maitreya: Exactly!  Well it’s very difficult after you have had a car accident. And lost your mother and father and most of your family, to be told oh you chose this, when you are grieving and sad, and you don’t want to hear that. But it is the truth, everybody chooses their life, their life plan, who they will be with, who they will lose through death, whether that be a mother or father or in their early years or a baby. But you choose everything and it can all be seen in what you term the astrological birth chart.