This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled “There is No Time”.


Maitreya: There is a knowledge or an awareness in those who are metaphysical that there is no time in our world. There is no time as you know it. A day can as a thousand years, you can die in this world, go into the world of your home, where we reside, all those who have passed over reside, and you can return it again tomorrow, but it would seem as if you have spend a thousand year there, for there is no time whatsoever. Time is an illusion, time does not exist. It is the biggest problem for humanity when they come home in having to let go the concept of time. You rely so much on your watches, those things that keep the time. You rely so much on appointments and when you have to do things, such as your breakfast, your lunch and your dinner. It is conditioning that has created that, but if you were to let go of that and fellow your body, listen to your body so that when your body tells you it’s hungry, then you feed it. You do not feed it because ‘oh it is dinner time’. You will find that your body changes and your attitude changes. Time is an illusion. It only exists on the Earth plane and it enslaves you, but when you let go of time, that is when you become your own person. It is very difficult because if you work for a company on the Earth plane and you have to follow the rules of that company, but try if you can not to look at your watch or clock because time will go much faster if you don’t. Thank you!