Maitreya explains the process of what happens to the Soul when the body dies.


Question: Maitreya, what happens immediately after I die, let’s just assume I just died from heart attack, what happens immediately afterwards?

Maitreya: First of all, it depends how you look at it, because there are two ways of leaving your body. One is that you just do not experience anything, just find yourself on the other side or in other words in our world. And the other is that you go through your chakra system from the heart, through the throat, through the third eye, through the crown. There is evidence of that in a book that has been written by a brain surgeon (I believe he is a brain surgeon), who left his body, he was a total skeptic, he left his body and went through his crown chakra into this beautiful world, for where we are it is very beautiful, there is no time. You know in one of your religious books, there is a saying that “a day in my father’s life is as a thousand year”, basically that is what it is, it is a thousand year compare to a day. But when you are finally out of your body, you find yourself first of all again in two places, one can be in the receptions areas of our world, or the other can be having somebody come to take you, and again that is chosen before you are born.

Question: Is that person often a family member?

Maitreya: Yes. Often you are in a hospital bed or in a hospice, you can often see the person before you die. Many people will see loved ones come to the end of their bed or at the side of their bed, who have come to take them over. When they see this person, they let go and go home and come home to us.

Question: People who suddenly find themselves on the other side, does their consciousness expand enough so they can comprehend what has happened?

Maitreya: Usually to begin with, no, we put them into a state of sleep, it is done very easily, without pain or suffering, there is no pain or suffering in our world. So we put them into state of slumber, and we wake them awake after a short while, if they still none recognizable, we keep doing it until they come to realization that they have passed.

Question: Do we all come to that realization eventually?

Maitreya: Eventually yes, it takes some longer than others.