All Ascended Masters are teachers. Each Master teacher is a soul who has raised their vibration to a very high state, and who has great love, awareness and knowledge.

Video Transcription:

Question: Changing tact a little bit, somebody wanted to know what an Ascended Master is? Maitreya we term you as an Ascended Master.

Maitreya: Oh, just a teacher. All Ascended Masters are teachers. They determine in education is to be a master, a schoolteacher, and that is what we all are. We are souls who have raised our vibration. There is no time in our world, but in spirit time, if that is the correct way put it, we have worked our way up the ladder. We have more knowledge, more awareness. You called it enlightenment, you call it raising your consciousness, raising your vibration etc, we all it just going to the next level.  We have a lot of knowledge, a lot of awareness and a lot of love for the human race. We are here through our various channels to educate you if you are willing to learn. But I want to say it has got nothing to do with giving anything up in your life, because the more you try to tell people that they should not do this, and not do that, and not do the other, it is like they do not want to know. So that is an Ascended Master.

Question: You talked about enlightenment. A lot of people have the perception that enlightenment means you become this blissful creature.

Maitreya: Oh no no no.  It is about changing what you no longer believe. Seeing a bigger picture, seeing a different view, that is what enlightenment is about.

Question: So enlightenment is really more about the opening of the consciousness than it is about any feeling of conceived holiness.

Maitreya: Yes, yes.