Through the events that are taking place on the Earth plane, humanity is becoming more aware and beginning to seek out answers to the questions of who they truly are.


Question: Our world seems to be in a point of crisis, there is evironmental destruction, natural disasters, population explosion, rapid expansion of technology, regional war, and civil unrest. Is it this all par of a plan, are we evolving?

Maitreya: Oh yes, very much evolving. You are becoming what the only world to describe is you are becoming “aware”. You are starting to be wanting to know about our world, about life after death, about life before death, about life in this world, about how to take away your pain and sadness, and about how to understand who you are. 50 Earth years ago, there are very few people who are interested in that. When my channel opened her first store, I believe I’ve been told it was in the 1980s. There were probably about 50 books for sale on subjects that I just mentioned. Now it has spun the movement of seeking, has spun a huge writers, publishers, shops that sale the books. There are so many today, now it is even more so with electronic media and books that are going online. What is happening is the old way, the old energy is leaving, and brining in a new energy, it is not the destructive end of the world, it is just change. Change has been happening for a long time of Earth time. You have had all of the thing you are experiencing now before, but it is a different energy now. Many people are feeling that energy. My channel give the name “Photon Energy”. The Photon Energy is trying to free the world from restriction and conditioning. It is affecting many souls on the Earth plane on this time, because it is compacting time, there are not enough hours in the day anymore, and people are feeling pressured and stressed. It is not because of technology, it is because of Photon Energy. It is bringing out a lot of anger, it is bringing out a lot of fear, and it is causing medical problems, health problems with a lot of people in the effect of vertical, nausea, depression, and all sorts of different symptoms, which my channel wrote about in he book “The Photon Energy”. It should be something that most people on the Earth people need to read about, find out about because it is going to affect them in some stage or time. The Earth plane is in huge change and it is going to continue until 2030.