This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled “Your Self”.


Maitreya: Good day to you or evening, wherever you may be in the world. Your lives are ruled in a way by your daily self. Many of you know that you have a self and a higher self, and such the self part of you is the one that rules you in your life, in your daily life. The self part of you is the survival instinct, which has been with you since birth and will stay with you until death. You cannot remove it, but you can learn to control it. When you learn to control it, that is when you bring in the higher self part of you.

Many people think the higher self part of you is holy or spiritual, but it isn’t. It is common sense, but also it knows it cannot lie and it has to be truthful in all it does. The self part of you is the part of you that will tell a lie, convince yourself that you have done the right thing when you have not, it will enable you to run away, it will tell you that you don’t need to do that, so just move on. What it doesn’t tell you, the higher self will tell you that if you run away from one lesson, it will come back in another way.

There are many who marry couple of times, maybe more. My channel has had three marriages. Who can say but why do I have to go through three marries, what have I got to learn. That is the main issue it is what you are here to learn. If you do not learn with the first husband, it will come back again with the second. If you do not learn it with the second, it will come back with the third, the fourth, and the fifth. It may not be just a husband, it maybe a relationship. Many men and many women have said I had six boyfriends or six girlfriends, and every relationship has ended the same. I will say to you look at yourself, what is it in that relationship that you are not looking at or seeing. You can lie to yourself because that is what the self wants you to do, but the higher self will never lie it will be truthful.

Your life journey is to bring in the positive into your life, and not allow the self to control you. I use the word positive because they are understood on the Earth plane, the negative and the positive. But there is really none of either because it is choice. And we often in our world have to spend much time explaining to you about choice. Choices are often made because one cannot make a decision and one feels as one has to, and so suddenly a choice is made, and then once that choice is made and acted, there is no going back. Your life is a series of adventures, and you are the creator of those adventures. You make the choices, nobody else can do it for you. Try to listen to the higher self part of you, do not listen to the excuses of the self.

The self is a very crafty energy. It started off within you as the survival instinct and it has become the wrath of your life. Your higher self does not wish you to be holy, religious, spiritual, it does not want to change you, it wants to educate you. And it also wishes to help you on your path in life. There are many teachers out in the world, who can help you with your self and higher self energies, and who can teach you how to work with them. Do not go through this life without learning about them. You do not have to do anything but learn about them and understand them, just as you understand what your breakfast, lunch, and dinner is. You are not being asked to do anything other than learn. Because when you learn about yourself, truly learn about yourself, you will be very surprised, and you will recognize it immediately. Know that if you do not do that, you will just have to come back and do it again in another incarnation.

More and more people are learning about their past lives, and more and more people are learning about the self in those past lives. I have said and I will continue to say the world of spirit as you know it, is not a holy or religious or a even spiritual tenant. It is there for your growth, aide and assistance. You make the choice, you make the decision which one you go with. But if more people fellow their higher self, because the higher self speaks of things that the self does not wish to know. But if you were to fellow your higher self, you would find life would become a lot easier and a lot more understandable. It is up to you.

Thank you!