Inside of each person is a piece of God’s energy, you can choose to grow that energy, or listen to the Self and stop that growth.

Video Transcription:

Question: Maitreya, what is the essence of our soul? On a basic level, what are we made of? Are we bowl of light?

Maitreya: You are energy. When you leave your body, you have no physical body, you are just consciousness, and you can move quicker than the speed of light. You have everything that you have in you physical body but you have no physical body. You can move wherever you want, do whatever you wish, but unless it comes to our world, where you cannot go from becoming a jounior master to a senior master, for instance, you have to work your way to that level. You cannot just automatically go, we can come down to you, but you cannot come up to us. Again, you have to be at a certain level of vibration to be able to do that.

Question: And that energy that we are, is that God, or is it created by God?

Maitreya: It is part of God. If you look upon God as a tree, then you are a leaf, and eventually you become a branch, eventually you merge with the tree. On the Earth plane though, the self part of you, the survival instincts determined that you are not going to experience anything on a higher level, anything at all on a higher level. So, you are stopped by the self part of you, it will bring in fear, doubt, insecurity, jealousy, anything it can put its hands on. It has access to your akashic record, in other words, the soul memory of the past. It knows what you have done, and what you have not done. Your purpose on the Earth plane is to clear away, little by little, what you have been holding on to, what the self has being holding on to. First of all, you need to understand the self. It is perfectly level to sit in the lotus position, for all of your level being a vegetarian and meditating, but you will never get there, you will never find the answers, because, although the answer are inside of you, you need to release those answers. You cannot do it for siting in a lotus position, in meditation, and being a vegetarian, but you can using all three of those, with the knowledge, and the knowledge is what we are here to touch.