#10 – Coincidence

There is no such thing as coincidence. Everything in your life is there to assist you in some way. Whenever you keep encountering similar situations over and over again, they are there to remind you of what you have chosen to learn.

Even the song on the radio, or the billboard on your way to work, can be tools to help you stay focused on your path of learning. If you find yourself dismissing a piece of information, because “it is just a coincidence” then you are not listening to what Spirit is trying to tell you. When something shows up in your life, even when it is unplanned or goes against what you thought you wanted, it is still there for you to learn from.

Perhaps you have been reminded several times by Spirit about looking at buying a new car. You hear your friends talk about new cars and you keep finding yourself driving behind cars being test-driven and so forth. These are all subtle reminders of what the next step is for you to take in your life, but often you are too busy to pay attention.

When this card shows up in your reading, it is reminding you to pay attention to the subtle signs from Spirit. These can include; repeated words or phrases (often from different people), songs being stuck in your head, things that you see and experience throughout the day that seem out of place, different or unusual. Everything around you is there to assist you in your life. Many times, it is there to help you to make a decision, or understand a deeper issue. But, when you are too busy to recognize something that you might brush away as just being a coincidence, then you are not allowing yourself to have full access to all of the information that Spirit is providing you with. Slow down, pay attention and remember that everything is there for a purpose; there are no accidents.

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