Wisdom Card #12 – Comparison

Comparison is a judgment, based on a belief of good versus bad, or right versus wrong. Comparison is a form of conditioning, and comes from feelings of low self-esteem, unworthiness and believing that you are not good enough. When you base the value of yourself on others’ opinions and approval, and care about what others will think about you, then you are comparing yourself to others. When you do this, your life is consumed by emotional ups and downs. This is because your state of being is controlled and affected by other people’s actions and reactions. Soon comparison turns into other emotions such as, fear, doubt, jealousy, envy, anger and even hatred. You can easily get involved in power struggles through competition, manipulation, gossip, judgment and criticism. Comparison creates discordance and disharmony, and stops you from moving forward in vibration.

Each person is a unique and Divine individual. No person is higher or lower than anyone else. Everyone has equal rights and opportunities to live their own life on the Earth plane. Every person has the power to create and manifest their own reality. No one has right to control anyone else. The only power other people have over you is the power you give to them because of your fear, doubt, insecurity, low self-esteem and other negative emotions. Whenever you compare yourself to anyone else, you are in a place of insecurity and fear. This is called, giving your power away. As long as you are in the state of constant comparison to others, you are controlled by your Self, and are wasting energy. When you waste energy by giving it to others, you will not be able to fulfill your life purpose.

You have drawn this card because you want to grow spiritually and move forward in vibration. Your first step is that you need to stop comparing yourself to others. This begins by having love and total acceptance for yourself, and also by expressing your truth quietly and clearly. Try saying the following affirmation: “I am worthy of God’s love and energy. God loves me more than I love myself.  From now on, I love myself unconditionally.” The more you can believe in your innate Divinity, the less you will compare yourself with others and the more confident and happy you will become.

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