Wisdom Card #15 – Consciousness

Consciousness is a state of being aware of an external object, or of something within you. Consciousness connects to your awareness and vibration level. The purpose of your soul’s journey on the Earth plane is to raise your consciousness/vibration through the experiences of life. There are 6 levels of consciousness on the Earth plane:

 1. Base Consciousness – merely existing

 2. Lunar Consciousness – beginning the search for the meaning of life

 3. Solar Consciousness – beginning to work with spiritual energy

 4. Stellar Consciousness – facing your fears

 5. Cosmic Consciousness – the battle between the Self and Higher Self

 6. Universal Consciousness – obtaining peace that passes all understanding

In Base Consciousness, most people have never opened the door to anything religious or metaphysical, and many people at this level do not want to know. Those on this level of vibration simply exist each day, going to work and going home from work. They live with fear and anxiety, and they live their lives oblivious to anyone else.

In Lunar Consciousness, people begin the search for answers. This search is usually created by a life crisis such as loss, illness, death of a loved one, being fired, etc. In Lunar consciousness, people begin reading books, attending lectures, and speaking with teachers who can assist them on their path of searching for their answers.

In Solar Consciousness, you choose to move forward and begin to work with spiritual energy in some way. This is accomplished through speaking, teaching, giving readings, or going further with what you have learned.

In Stellar Consciousness, you begin facing your fears. At this stage of spiritual development, you cannot go backward. Many individuals remain in Solar Consciousness because their Self knows they are moving forward, and it usually tries to stop them from doing so by creating negative thoughts and fears. However, as you face your fears and move away from the negative, fearful part of yourself, you become a brighter and more enlightened energy.

In Cosmic Consciousness, you begin the battle between the Self and the Higher Self. The Self lives in the material world; it tries all it can to stop you from moving forward to higher vibration. The Higher Self is also very determined to have its own way. The only way the Higher Self can take over at this stage (until now it cannot do so because of the control of the Self) is to create a state of absolute nothingness. This is called “the cardboard phase.” During this phase, everything the Self liked to do, no longer is enjoyable. Then the Higher Self comes in to take over the lead on the individual’s spiritual growth process.

In Universal Consciousness, you become aware of the constant presence of God. When you are in this level of consciousness, you are happy in your own silence. Another effect of Universal Consciousness is that you develop an amazing ability to manifest. This is because you are now free from your fears.

Each soul chooses how long they will be in each level of consciousness. You can be in the end of one consciousness level, and in the beginning of one level at the same time; much like having each of your feet in two different rooms.

This card has shown itself today to ask you to assess where you are on your path of consciousness and spiritual development.

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