One important lesson for everyone on the spiritual path to learn is about discernment and truth. The purpose of life is soul growth, and to become the master of your own life. Everyone is unique and different from each other. One man’s truth is another man’s folly.  How can you become the master of your own life, if you do not follow your own truth? Discernment means that you are honest with yourself and others. To understand what discernment is, is to be truthful to yourself, to not be afraid of following your heart and inner guidance. Discernment allows you to be the person you are meant to be, instead of becoming like a sheep, following after the truth of someone else.

Discernment is not the same as judgment; discernment means that you have an open heart to accept everyone and everything as it is, without judgment and criticism. With discernment, you understand that everyone is entitled to have their own truth; everyone has chosen their own path to learn their life lessons, and to attain their own spiritual growth. Discernment requires listening to your inner voice, through intuition, and learning to trust the feelings in your heart. Discernment is about having total faith and trust in Spirit, trust that what you need will be provided in time, trust that everything is perfect. Discernment also means that you take full responsibility for your own choices and decision-making, and do not blame others for your own problems.

The spiritual path is not an easy path, as there are many temptations and testing. There are many people in the world who profess to be spiritual teachers and prophets. They tell others that they can teach them enlightenment, and that you do not need to work on yourself to gain that enlightenment. However, each person has to discern who speaks the truth and who does not. If what is written speaks to your heart and soul, then you have found your teacher. Each person has to make their own decision as to what and who they believe. Inside your heart is your knowing. There is no right or wrong, only what resonates with you. It is your choice.

This card has shown up in your reading today to encourage you to make your own decisions through your own discernment as to what and who resonates with you.

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