Why do humans have disease, sickness and health problems? There are a few reasons:

You choose to experience disease and health problems as a life lesson. Many people do not know that they have chosen this as part of their life path. They have chosen it as a life lesson to learn from in order for them to attain soul growth. For those who have chosen it as a life lesson, they will have it most of their life. Even if the disease/health problem is removed, they still remember what they have gone through in their consciousness.

Another reason why you could be experiencing health problems is because you are clearing out trapped past life energy. For those who did not choose health problems as a life lesson, the dis-ease comes from past incarnations where the energy was trapped inside of the soul memory and never was able to be released. It often has been carried over from incarnation to incarnation, never being dealt with. Each incarnation that it is not released, the dis-ease becomes stronger and stronger, until finally you choose to release it. Then it manifests as a health problem, coming to the surface during a particular planetary transit in your daily life. The health problem triggered by the planetary transit is there only for a period time to release the energy. Once the transit is complete, you should have moved beyond the past life related health problem.

The third reason for experiencing health concerns is that your body is out of balance. You are more than your physical body. You are body, mind and Spirit. The physical body is only a carrier for the soul. Disease is created far before it is manifested in the physical body. Disease (dis-ease) is created by stress, unexpressed emotions and unbalanced energy. You have no idea how much damage to your health and well-being is caused by stress, worry, fear, anger, unhappiness and all other negative emotions. Everything you think to say or do, every time you do not face your fears, or deny the truth of your situation, you create problems for your health. Everything is energy, and energy, if it is not moved, becomes stagnant; it does not die, it does not disappear, it stays in the soul memory waiting to be released by you. This can be many incarnations later. Dis-ease is a process of releasing the long buried, stagnant energy.Once it is released, the dis-ease will no longer be there.

You have chosen this card today to remind you that YOU are the creator of your own life, what you think and imagine is what your reality becomes! Are you carrying dis-ease in your body? You can discover the answers to why you are sick and where it comes from. There are many wonderful books on this subject available to assist you in locating where you are storing dis-ease.

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