Wisdom Card #53 – Marriage

Marriage is a choice made by humanity. Marriage is man-made, not God-made. When two people truly love each other, they can choose to marry or not. They can choose to be marriage partners or just partners without marriage. It is each individual’s choice.

Marriage is not about social status, vanity, money, family obligation or following the rules. It is about the commitment of two people to each other. It is about love, sharing a life together for better and for worse; it is about equality and union. Mostly, marriage is about the soul growth that takes place through lessons the individual has chosen to learn within marriage and partnership. When two people come together, it should be their choice whether they marry or not. No one, no family, no church should force it or disapprove it. Each person should be allowed to choose who to marry and how they wish their marriage to be.

So many parents interfere with their children’s marriage and choices. They make decisions for their children who they should marry and how they should marry. They force their grown up children to marry the person who they think is the best. Or, they disapprove of their children marrying someone who does not meet their standards, such as religion, beliefs, cultural background, education, social status, physical appearance, perfect match, etc. Every time a parent makes choices for their child, they stop their child from doing what they are meant to do. That not only holds back the child, but also creates karma for the parents.

Some marriage partners like to own their spouse, as if their partner is their personal property. Some think that once they are married, that their partner has an obligation to them. They restrict their partner’s freedom, because of their own fear, insecurity and lack of confidence in themselves. Some play emotional games to control and manipulate their partner, they will not let go of their partner even when the marriage is already dead. This is because their personal value, self-esteem and self-worth are all based on the status of being married. However, in this way there is no love, understanding, consideration, respect, acceptance, forgiveness or care at all.

The purpose of marriage is for the soul growth of both partners, by working through karma, learning life lessons through an intimate relationship, and working out past life energy. There are times when, because of karma, two people need to marry to finish unfinished business from the past. When there is karma in a relationship, there often is a battle, because one or the other partner still wants to run away! Sometimes because of karma, the relationship becomes heavy and burdened. Later on in life, there is no longer any spark left in the relationship. If the partner is unhappy and wants to leave the relationship, it should be allowed. If the karma is not finished and the lesson has not been learned yet, the Universe will bring another partner to learn from again. It is not the person, but the karma and lessons that the soul needs to work on that are important in a marriage or partnership.Your astrological chart will indicate if you are to have more than one partnership, or if the possibility is there, should you not complete the karma with one partner. It is your choice.

The Universe has presented this card in your reading today to look at your marriage or partnership. You are here to live your own life, not the life dictated to you by others. Your marriage partners or partner is there to assist you to learn and to grow spiritually. They are the teachers and mirrors in your life. Thank them for being a part of your life, yet live your own life to allow your own dreams to become a reality.

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