Wisdom Card #56 – Mirrors

Each soul on the Earth plane is a student in a school! Everyone is a mirror for one another. What you see in another, which you do not like, or which annoys you, is what you need to look at within yourself. It is an aspect of yourself which is being brought to your attention. It is saying, “Look, this is what you need to see.” Yet, often you are so frightened to see what is being revealed to you, that you either banish the person from your presence, or you run away from them.

You wonder why you do not like a person when, in fact, it is yourself that you do not like. Often you laugh at another, or make fun of them. You do not realize that you are doing this to yourself. Their large stomach, subconsciously reminds you of your own. Their loud laugh is yours. Their embarrassing ways mirror yours. You are looking at yourself and do not realize it! For the issues lie deep within your psyche.

All who come into your life are here to teach you something, or mirror something, that you do not want to deal with. Usually these issues have been going on for many incarnations. Everyone who comes into your life is a mirror and has something to show or teach you. Your friends, lovers, partners, family and enemies are teachers and mirrors in your life; they are the actors in the play you created before you came to the Earth plane. Each day they mirror for you what you do not want to see in yourself. They come into your life to teach you valuable life lessons. Everyone in your life becomes a teacher, or a mirror, to assist you in learning your lessons and setting you free from the Earth plane. You will know if you have to learn something from people who mirror for you, because if you walk away from one situation, the Universe will create another situation exactly the same.

Everyone is, in some way, playing out a past life experience, either with a person in their life, or an experience they need to learn from, such as patience, humility and/or detachment. Until you have learned the lesson, it will not go away. You attract into your energy those who have come to help you learn your lessons, and they almost always have the same astrological birth sign. Ask yourself, why do I have problems with those born under a certain sun sign? It is because these people can mirror for you what you need to learn.

Until you can understand that you are a mirror, and that you see a mirror of yourself in another, you will continue to stumble through life with no direction, not aware of what it is that you have to look at. It is right in front of you, but often you cannot see. You do not see, because you don’t want to. Yet the person who is the mirror is saying, “Look at me. I am trying to tell you something. Can’t you see?”

When you see those around you as mirrors, like actors on your stage, then the lessons do not seem so hard. Instead of lessons, they become experiences to learn from. You can actually laugh at them. If you take time to understand this, your life will become so much easier. When you do this, you truly become spiritual. You cannot run from your mirrors – people will continue to come into your life to mirror the energy for you until it is faced and released! The release can sometimes take a long time. You cannot blame anyone else for what happens to you, or for what you experience; it is all chosen by you to help your path towards higher consciousness.

This card has been presented to you today so the next time you do not like something about someone, ask yourself, what is it that I do not want to see in myself? Think about those whom you do not like. What quality about them do you not like? It is this quality that you need to look at within yourself.

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