Card #58 – Movement

One important way that energy can be released from the body is through movement. When the body remains still, energy is more prone to become stagnant. Through healthy movement, you can release stress, anxiety and other energy trapped in the body.

There are many healthy expressions of movement including dance, yoga, walking, tai chi, and other forms of exercise. Any form of exercise when done healthfully and positively can have an uplifting effect on the subtle body system. Any type of movement brings the body, mind, and Spirit together. There is nothing better for your clarity and peace of mind than going for a walk outside, or moving the body to a musical style you enjoy.

When you take time for movement each day, it keeps the physical body functioning properly. This is especially important for anyone who is working with a higher energy, because as an increased energy flows into and through the body, any blockage can hinder the flow of that energy. By keeping the body free flowing and in balance with movement, the flow of energy through it will always be at optimum levels.

This card has shown up in your reading today to prompt you to work movement into your life. If you are feeling stuck in your life, or unable to make a decision about something, try going for a walk or engaging in some form of movement. After about 10 minutes, you will discover that your mind is clear once again, and that you have a new found perspective on the situation.

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