There are no accidents in the journey of life, only experiences to learn from. There is nothing evil in the world. Everything is perfect and as it should be. This may sound very strange and unbelievable, especially when you are experiencing hardship and difficulties in your life. Humanity for so long has been conditioned to believe in victimhood mentality, instead of taking full responsibility for your life. Understand that everything happens for a reason; nothing happens by accident. When looking at a situation, person, or event as it is, humanity tends to judge it as good or bad, right or wrong, Divine or evil. In this way, people can always find someone or something to blame, to judge, and to criticize instead of looking within and discovering what you need to learn from it.Until the majority of humanity can understand this concept, they will continue to blame, judge and criticize what is happening.

However, no matter what someone believes, the truth is that there are no accidents, everything is perfect in the Universe. What you experience is what you create, and you have chosen your experiences as tools for learning. There is a reason and higher purpose for everything. You may not see the reason and the purpose immediately, but eventually it will be shown to you. The astrological transit of your planets will show you what you are experiencing and that what is happening in your life is meant to be. You cannot blame anyone or anything else for the experiences in your life. It is your lesson and yours alone. The sooner you deal with it, the sooner you can free yourself from that situation.

Before you are born, you choose everything that will happen in your life. If you doubt this, just look at your astrological transits; it will all be there. Before you come to the Earth plane, you chose many ways to learn your life lessons and how you are going to pay, or repay, your karma. If you need to learn a lesson about patience, fear, or something else, you create the scenarios and people to come into your energy to teach you. As one person leaves, because you chose not to learn your lesson, or not to face the issue, another door opens to put you in the situation again.

You might say to yourself “Why do I keep attracting a particular astrological sign into my energy? It is because they are helping you to face whatever it is you have to learn. The people and situations will keep being put in front of you until the lesson is learned, or you have faced your issue. You cannot run away, because the lessons follow you incarnation after incarnation until they are finished. Once the lesson has been chosen by you to learn, it will stay with you until you have learned it. It is your choice how you learn it and when you learn it.

There are no accidents in life. What is happening in the world is there to bring change. Slowly and surely the old is being cleared away, and the new being created. On an individual level, everything is as it should be for each individual soul to learn their lessons and to even out their karmic debt.

This card has presented itself today because it is time for you to take ownership of your life. The next time something happens in your life, instead of moaning and groaning, take responsibility for what is happening. Believe that there is a purpose or a reason for everything, and ask yourself, “What can I learn from it?” The more you do so, the sooner you are able to find the answer, and to learn the lesson.

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