Wisdom Card #87 – You

Do you know who you are and what you are here to do on the Earth plane? You are a Divine soul on a journey of soul evolution. The physical body is the vehicle for your soul, assisting the soul to go through the human experiences on the Earth plane. You are the sum total of all the energy you have expressed in other incarnations, including this one. Some of the energy is very “good”, but other energy can be holding you back from what you came to do in this lifetime. You start the journey the moment you are born and you will end your journey and return home the moment your soul permanently leaves your physical body. Your astrological birth chart (natal chart) contains all the information about the energy, energy patterns and planetary configurations that your soul has chosen for this life. Through these planetary patterns, you can discover where you have chosen to work on paying karmic debt, receiving karma, learning life lessons, and working out past life energy. Your astrological birth chart is your life blueprint, but you have choices about what you want to complete, how you want to complete it and when you want to complete it. You have free will, and you have the freedom to make your own choices.

Once you decide to follow a path of opening yourself up to higher learning (spiritual development), you then begin to release all of your old energy. This energy is carried forward from incarnation to incarnation, until it is released by you. Unless you release it, or allow it to be released, your past life energy will stay exactly where it is, turning stagnant and becoming like a barrier to prevent you from progressing in your development. The release process is like peeling off the layers of an onion, one at a time, until all of the old energy is all removed. With each layer you allow to be released, your vibration raises and your intuition grows stronger.

You, as a soul, are limitless. There is nothing that you cannot do. With positive thoughts and positive actions, you can transform your life from one of difficulty and hardship, to one of happiness and abundance. To do this, you need to look within the Self, and find what is hidden there. It is this stale, old, past life energy that stops the positivity from flowing into your life. There are those who say that to be spiritual you must do this, and you must do that, such as give up meat and stop smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol. We Masters say this is not necessary. By doing this, you deny your Self things it has held on to for this life and perhaps for many incarnations. When you deny yourself anything, it can make the Self worse! For many years, my channel smoked tobacco. She could not give it up. Even when she became spiritual, she still needed it. Then one day, smoking was no longer important in her life. She no longer smokes tobacco, but she was not forced to give it away, she chose to.

You cannot force a person to do anything; if you do, it creates resentment within them and usually incites the person to do it all the more! When you change, and start to raise the vibration, you slowly start to give away the things that you once saw as “needed”. There is no need for force and no person should give their power to another. You are all your own masters! You just need to find that mastership.

Some people will not achieve enlightenment in this incarnation. Yes, this is so! The channels connected to the Masters, who are teaching on the Earth plane, are here to teach those who are ready. The teachers know that those who are ready will find them. In the past, humanity has spent so much time saying “You must do this, or that, to be spiritual”. We say that to be spiritual, you need to go within yourself and find out who you are. That is all. This happens when you face your past life memories, which show up as subconscious fears, buried anger and resentment. You need to forgive those who have hurt you, and release the emotions that have enslaved you for so long.

Many of you berate yourself for your slow rate of spiritual development. Do not do this. Spiritual development is slow. It cannot be rushed. Live each day for one small improvement, and be proud of that achievement. It took my channel 52 Earth years before she graduated on the spiritual path. Even though she was channeling my energy for many years, she was not perfect, and is still not perfect. A perfect person is a boring person! It is impossible on the Earth plane today to be perfect because of all the distractions of the Self. However, when you conquer the Self, then change can take place and you reach a ‘Peace that passes all understanding’. Many of you will attain this peace in your current incarnation.

In order to change your reality, you need to change your life. Once you begin the process of change, the Self will bring in fear and doubt in an attempt to stop you. Only by moving forward, and facing the doubt and fear, will you shift your consciousness and move forward in vibration. You have drawn this card in your reading because the Universe is prompting you to take control of your life. Everything begins with YOU and ends with YOU. You are the master of your life, nobody else. Your thoughts create your world, your existence. It is as simple as that. What life do YOU want? What reality are YOU going to create?

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