Wisdom Card #9 – Choice

Life is filled with opportunities and possibilities, created for your soul’s Earthly learning, experience and spiritual growth. Each person is born with a life plan, a map. That map is your astrological natal chart, and it can take you in many possible directions. How you fulfill the possibilities of your map is your choice.

Why do you have choice? You have choice so that you can choose for yourself which directions you will take during your life. It is through those choices that your life lessons are accomplished, and great opportunities for soul growth take place. You are responsible for your own life. Nobody else has your life plan, chose your life lessons, or has the same opportunities and possibilities that lie in front of you. You alone made the choice of your life map, and you alone will make the choices in how you fulfill it.

During your life journey, you are placed in situations that you must make choices about. Often those choices upset those around you, especially those whom do not want you to change. Each soul has chosen lessons to learn as part of their life journey in this incarnation. However, many people never learn those lessons, because they allow others to sway them to remain in the comfort zone. Too often, you back down from moving into a new energy because of the influence of others around you, and the lesson is never learned. For those who do choose to learn the lessons, this can mean the possibility of estrangement from those whom you love.

If you have chosen to make changes in this lifetime, but you do not make those changes, the Universe will allow you time to complete them on your own. If you choose not to make the necessary changes in your life, the Universe will then create the situation needed for you to make those changes. You cannot run away from your lessons; you may think you are, but eventually the Universe will create a situation where you have to face the issues.

Life is one continual schoolroom; each experience allows the soul to grow and to step out of fear. Throughout life, you will learn many things that you would not learn in the comfort of the old way. The choices you make will influence whether you create a smooth or a rocky path for yourself, you make the choice. You have the choice to create your own life the way you want it. You are the sculptor; choice is your chisel.

When this card appears in your reading, you may be in a situation where you need to make a choice. To do this, ask yourself, “What choice will help me fulfill my life plan? Am I making this choice from my heart? What influence will this choice have on my future? What will the consequences be as a result of the choice I make? Is this choice for my highest good?” By doing this, you will come to understand choice, and be more selective in your choosing. You make the choices, nobody else. Your spiritual development occurs because of the lessons of your life, and how you choose to fulfill them. Remember, life is an illusion; everything and everyone in your life is only there to assist you in learning your life lessons. Once you truly let go of the emotional attachment to others, you are able to make your own choices for your soul growth.

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