Courage is the manifestation of the power of love. True courage comes from your heart center and it requires you to have an open heart. Courage enables you to become a true warrior; to conquer your fears and to become fearless.

Every soul who has chosen to incarnate on the Earth plane has to deal with the Self, as the Self is connected to the physical body. The Self makes things more difficult for your spiritual journey while on the Earth plane. The Self slows down soul growth. It is a dark and manipulative energy, containing the sum total of “negative” thoughts and emotions, as well as the human animal’s survival instinct.

One of the hardest tasks in the process of attaining higher consciousness is to have the courage to fight your Self, to learn to not be controlled and manipulated by it. It takes courage to face your fears, doubts, insecurities and all other “negative” emotions. It takes courage to follow your own heart and to express yourself quietly and clearly. It takes courage to walk away from a person, or a situation, which is no longer working for your spiritual development. It takes courage to forgive, and to love, even after being deeply hurt by someone else. It takes courage to be humble, and to admit your imperfections, mistakes and “wrong” doings. It takes courage to move out of your comfort zone and to make changes in your life. It takes courage to endure spiritual testing, to continue to have faith, and to trust that everything happens for a reason. It takes courage to face your deep subconscious fear, to change deeply ingrained conditioning, programming and habits. It takes courage to let go, to not hold onto anyone or anything, to leave the past behind, and to move into new energy and new experiences. It takes courage to not justify yourself, to detach from your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. It takes courage to love and to accept yourself unconditionally. It takes courage for you to allow others to experience their own lives, to allow them to stumble and fall, and to learn what they need to learn.

This card is asking you to recognize your courage, and use this aspect of yourself to face your fears and learn the lessons you have chosen in this life.

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