#17 – Creativity

There is a creative energy that flows inside everyone. Even if you are not a painter or artist, there are many ways in which this energy can be used. Creativity is closely related to intuition, and so often when you are working on your intuition, you will also find that you develop a creative side that you may have thought had disappeared in childhood.

Find a way to use this creative energy, you can make pictures with stickers, swirl colors of paint on a piece of paper, or use it for other activities such as gardening, cooking and technical based design. By exploring your innate creativity, you will be able to unleash stored energy in the sacral chakra (2nd chakra) part of you. This is the area of the body where creative energy is stored until it is ready to be used.

Many individuals, in their past life experiences, have fear associated with using their creative energy. This is because many times they had negative experiences that the Self still associates with creativity. If you are someone who dismisses creativity, saying things like, “that is not me,” or, “I cannot do that,” then you would benefit greatly from exploring this energy inside of you.

This card is Spirit’s way of encouraging you to explore your creativity by letting go of the need to figure out what you are going to create, and instead work on allowing the energy to flow unhindered. The most beautiful creative energy can come from within you when you do not stop this flow. Try putting on some soft music, closing your eyes and relaxing and then simply allow the colors, images or words to flow from your hands onto the paper or computer screen. You may even surprise yourself as to what you can create!

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