Wisdom Card #2 – Acceptance

One of the most important lessons of spiritual development is ACCEPTANCE. True acceptance comes from your heart, without judgment or criticism, without conditioning, prejudice, emotional attachment or pride. Acceptance is simply accepting everyone for who they are, and everything for what it is. Acceptance also means that you need to accept yourself for who you truly are. A true spiritual person understands that all things are perfect in the Universe; there are no accidents; every soul is a Divine Spirit. This is each person’s birthright. Acceptance requires that you have an open heart of true compassion and embody the full acceptance of the process of life, for everyone and everything being perfect, as they are, in this moment. Acceptance also requires you to have total faith and trust in the process of life, even though at times you will not know or understand the reason behind what is happening.

Each person in each lifetime will go through happiness and joy, sadness and sorrow; all of it designed to help the soul to grow spiritually and move forward in vibration. Often adversity can be the result of past-life actions or because the soul has chosen it as a time to grow. There are no accidents; everything is perfect in the Universe. What you experience is what you create; you choose it all before you were born. If you doubt this, just look at your astrological transits, it is all there.

Every soul is exactly where they need to be, regardless of their beliefs, culture, race, skin color, appearance, gender, sexual orientation, or whether they do what their life path intended or not. There are no right or wrong people, everyone is exactly where they need to be. The prisoner is there because he has chosen it, the beggar, the billionaire, the king, and the president also; and each of them is learning lessons on their life journey. You and you alone decide through choice, which way you go, whether learning the lesson, or delaying it for another time or another incarnation. Even for those who are suffering, experiencing hardship, difficulty, disease, or dark times, they have chosen those experiences on a soul level to assist in their learning.  You cannot judge anyone or anything based on what it looks like on the surface, for no one knows what lessons, karma or past life situations another soul has chosen to go through. Life is all about learning life lessons in order to attain higher consciousness. The purpose of the soul on the Earth plane is to grow and expand, to climb even higher, and to free itself forever from the Earth plane.  If every person were in a state of permanent bliss and happiness without strife or trouble, there would be no learning; because these states do not allow learning taking place. Everything you experience is an opportunity to change, to move on from a situation that is stagnant, or to move forward to bigger and better things. Yes, all that comes in the form of difficulty is a blessing, if only you can see it as such.

Try not to let adversity get you down when you are experiencing hardship. When a difficult time comes, look upon it as a friend who can give you a stepping-stone to a better situation. There are no accidents; everything happens for a reason. It may be sad to leave things behind, to move on, to go through difficulty (as you view it), and to have frustration in your life, but all of these issues allow you to grow, if you allow the changes to happen. The more you fight the changes and lessons in your life, the more difficulty you will encounter.

Human history is filled with many inspiring stories where individuals faced severe difficulties and turned them into very positive transformations.  The next time you find yourself experiencing difficulty or hardship, instead of saying, “Why me?” ask yourself “What wonderful outcome will take place as a result of this?” and then let it happen. The positive outcome will happen! But, you need to step aside and allow it to be. Simply accept people who come into your life as a blessing, and accept that everything you experience is a great opportunity for soul growth. If you can do so, you can really see through the illusion and open your spiritual eyes.

When this card appears in your reading, the Universe is giving you the message to look around you, and let go of whatever is bothering you. Simply accept the person or situation as it is, without judgment or criticism. Have faith and trust that everything is perfect, and all will be well.

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