Wisdom Card #42 – Imagination

Creation begins with imagination. The world you are in is what you have created with your thoughtful imagination. Imagination connects to your thought process. When you think, your mental energy is initiated and waiting for its manifestation. When you imagine, you begin to manifest that thought. Many people do not realize that they are the creator of their own reality; they are not aware that they hold the key to success, and that they have the power to manifest all they desire with positive intention and imagination. If you think and imagine all the negative and “bad” things that could happen in your life, then you will create in your life what exactly you have imagined.

Imagination comes from your connection to the Universe. The Universe is a vast pool of infinite supplies of ideas, creativity and invention. It is the source for everyone and everything. It has never-ending resources for anyone who wishes to create something. It communicates to you through your intuition. When you are in tune with the Universe, you receive ideas, thoughts and inspirations, all of which allow you to create, to invent and to produce. This connection is always there, within each person, and is ready to supply you with all the soul needs. You simply need to open up to your imagination, dare to imagine and dare to dream.

Unfortunately, most people think that they do not have any imagination. Why is this? This is because the world is dominated by logic and left-brain thinking. The majority of society is conditioned by rigid and structured thinking, following the rules, having to be right and needing to be accepted by others. But, by being rigid in your thinking, you repress your imagination and creativity, which leaves you feeling empty inside. If you have past life issues related with imagination and creativity, you will find it even more difficult to imagine and to create. Imagination is connected to your intuition and your right brain. Imagination has no logic, it is not conditioned or rigid; imagination is spontaneous, it lives in the now moment, and it comes from your own heart-felt inspiration. When you truly let go of conditioning, fear and rigidity, you can allow your imagination to resurface to be used for creation.

This card in your reading today is daring you to imagine! Imagine what you would like to create in your life. Think of all the good you can imagine, start today and watch your life begin to change. You are the creator of your own reality. What reality do you want to have? The choice is yours!

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