What is meditation? Meditation is a way to be quiet, to relax the mind and body, and connect to the soul (Spirit) within. By being in a relaxed state, your mind becomes quiet and you are able to tune into your inner world for answers and guidance.

All of the answers you need lie within you. However, you do not know how to listen to these answers when you are busy and your mind is occupied with other thoughts. Deep within you, there is a memory of everything that has ever happened to you in this life, and in any of your past lives….every thought, every action, every deed from every lifetime you have ever lived is recorded in these memories. You can access your soul memories via meditation so that you can release them. It is those memories deep within the psyche that cause disease, or dis-ease.

Through meditation, you can also directly communicate with the world of Spirit for advice and guidance. Your guides and guardians from the world of Spirit are with you all of the time, but you cannot hear them while you are so occupied with your external life.Meditation can enhance your intuition, develop awareness, and allow your Higher Self to be in control. Meditation can increase your inner energy level and promote a healthy state of well-being. Meditation can bring new energy to your life, even if you can meditate only a few minutes each day.

There is no best way to meditate; it is each individual’s choice. There are many ways you can meditate, and you need to find the one that resonates with you. Some people cannot sit and be still, they may choose to walk in nature, listen to music, dance, iron clothes, do gardening, make something creative, or otherwise focus on doing something. These are all helpful ways to meditate, because the Self is occupied with the task, and the Higher Self and/or those in the world of Spirit can bring their communication to you. The Self part of you is often trying to stop you from meditating. It will use fear and other excuses, such as, being too busy, not enough time or any other reason to prevent you from taking time to listen to the Higher Self.

Spirit has presented this card because they wish to enhance their communication with you. If you want to move forward in vibration, meditation can definitely help you in a positive way. It is your choice if you do it and how you do it.

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