Card #79 – The Journey

Everyone on the Earth plane is a soul on a journey of soul evolution. Soul evolution is accomplished through paying and receiving karmic debt, working on letting go of past life energy and learning life lessons. Before you are born, you choose how each step of your journey can be fulfilled. The journey of this life begins at your birth and lasts the entire length of your life. You have a Guardian Spirit from the world of Spirit. The Guardian Spirit works beside you to help you create your life plan, and assists you in following through with your plan as your life unfolds. Your life plan makes use of your personal astrology to highlight times when you are going to experience certain events, issues, emotions, challenges and triumphs.

The life plan you have chosen is put into place for you to make choices, and take action, in regards to certain people, events or situations that occur. Each choice and each action is there in order to assist you in achieving your soul growth. Life does not have to be difficult, if you can recognize all of your experiences as learning and growing opportunities. And, since life is a journey, not a destination, you can enjoy the journey rather than rushing to finish it. Your life can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. You make it more difficult when you listen to your fear, stubbornness, pride, ego and Self; you make it easy by learning to control your mental/emotional body, looking within, and allowing the Universe to help. If you can do this, slowly your life will become better. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen with positive thinking, positive affirmations, positive attitude, trust, determination, patience and perseverance.

Do not blame anyone else for your life circumstances, because you created your life. Do not be upset with yourself, you are simply learning from each experience. There is no wrong or right, only learning. If you did not have these times where things did not go the way you envisioned, then you would not have been able to learn how to do it better, faster, more precise, etc.Nobody can be perfect on the Earth plane, because everyone has a Self, and this Self is determined to do it its way. The Self does not want to follow the Higher Self’s intuition; it does not want to listen to anyone.It is determined to do it alone without help. Everyone has a “knowing” or “feeling” to do it a certain way, but the Self brings in fear. As such, it is easy to back away from your own feeling, and that is when the Self takes over the decision. Later when something does not work out as planned, you might say; “Why did I not listen to my inner voice/intuition?” When you experience this kind of reaction, you could end up having the most abject feelings of guilt and low self-esteem. It is at this time you need to say to yourself: “I made a mistake, but I will learn from this and try again.”

Let go of any negative feelings and be happy for yourself for the efforts you make, for there are many in this world who would not even try! It is each person’s destiny to be happy, yet fear has completely ruled the lives of many. Try to laugh at least once a day, live in the now moment, let go of the past, do not worry about future. Live in the now as each moment comes, for living in the now is what life is all about.

This card has shown itself in your reading today to remind that life is a journey and the journey is the reward. You can either make the journey a hard one or an easy one. You hold the key! You make the choices!

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