The purpose of your life is to learn detachment, so that you do not become carried away with emotions. What is detachment? Detachment is not to giving any energy to a person or a situation, and focusing only on your own life. Focusing on your life means, working on your karmic debt, past life energy and lessons that you have chosen to learn in this incarnation. Detachment is also about understanding that everyone is a soul on a journey, and that each soul has their own lessons to learn.

Your life is filled with ups and downs, to enable you to experience many emotions and lessons. These ups and downs, and highs and lows, will be played out through your astrological transits. You have chosen to go through these experiences to assist you in facing your deepest and darkest feelings. The feelings you have buried inside for many incarnations, waiting for them to be released so that you can move on spiritually.

Detachment is one of the hardest lessons to learn in the journey of spiritual development. This is because the whole of human society and the Earth plane is filled with emotions. Because of the emotions, the Self part of you likes to get involved in other peoples’ lives. By doing so, you will be distracted rather than looking at your own life. Putting your attention on where it does not need to be distracts you from looking at your own life path and spiritual development. The Self uses deeply buried emotional energy to prevent you from recognizing the purpose of your life and your lessons; this is one way the Self tries to stop you from moving forward in vibration.

Detachment begins with stating, “I will not give this any more energy” and then moving on. This is the ultimate in higher-consciousness awareness. When you can detach from a situation or a person, and walk away from the emotional turmoil, then you are truly raising your vibration. Nothing is real on the Earth plane; everything is an illusion. However, until you can raise your vibration away from the Earth plane and move into detachment, you will not be able to see this.

True detachment is a higher form of compassion. Detachment teaches you to not waste energy reacting to anything or anyone, but instead to focus on your own energy and life journey. This is accomplished by working on your karmic debt, past life energy and life lessons. When you have truly learned detachment, you will no longer have mirrors in your life anymore, because that means nothing concerns you, and you have no fear. All you have is the peace that surpasses all understanding. By then, you are a truly enlightened individual.

You have drawn this card because the Universe is asking you to look at how emotions are keeping you from the life of peace you are seeking which can only be achieved through detachment.

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