All emotions are energy. Unexpressed emotions are stored in the emotional body. The whole purpose of your spiritual path is to let go of these emotions and move away from the emotional body. It is the emotional body that the Self hangs on to, holding on to the emotions of fear, doubt, jealousy, anger, greed, etc. These emotions are carried over from many incarnations and have never been dealt with. They stay in the soul memory, eventually coming out into the mental (thinking, thoughts) memory, waiting to be dealt with.

The emotional body is a part of humanity tied to the animal part of you. It is a part of the Self, a separate body, once designed to protect you, now keeps you from moving forward. The emotional body knows all of your fear, anger, frustration, and it is capable of pulling those negative emotions out of a hat, like magic, whenever it needs to slow you down.

So much conflict has been created by human emotion. The emotions of anger and fear are so strong that you can wonder, will they will ever be broken? Yes, they can be broken, but only when humanity realizes these emotions are the source of the problem, can they move away from them. Letting go of the emotional body is not easy, for it involves facing issues and deep-seated pain. Often this pain is so deep that you cannot even find it!

The first step in this process is to face your fear, let go of your anger, doubt, jealousy, insecurity, and all the negative emotions. When the emotion comes out, just let it go and give it no energy. You can recognize that you are releasing the fear or anger, but you no longer permit it to consume you. Often, the Universe will create the exact same situation that created the emotion again, to enable you to deal with it and let it go. Once you have let the emotion go, then the Universe will lead you and guide you to the next step.

Releasing the emotional energy is not an easy task, for the Earth plane is a place of pure emotion, from the dramas you watch on television, to the dramas taking place in your life. However, you cannot be truly spiritual if you have one grain of fear, anger, doubt, envy, jealousy or other negative emotions. Yes, you can say “I am spiritual” but, if you have any negative thinking toward another person or a situation, then you cannot be spiritual in the truest sense of the word. How often do you react to situations that you know you should not react to? How often do you find yourself becoming angry with someone? How often do you justify yourself? How can the world be healed if individuals cannot heal themselves?

Once you release your emotional body, not only can you see through the illusion of the Earth plane, but also your intuition increases so much more than ever before. You will have more energy to give to whatever you wish to give it to, and you discover that you are no longer in anger, greed, fear, jealousy, etc. This is because those particular energies are no longer there. Once the blocks of the emotional body are removed, the world is yours and so much is possible! As you face your fear and all of the emotional issues, the Self has less and less to hold on to, and the Higher Self can then become a greater force in your life.

This card indicates the Universe wants you to look at how your emotions are holding you back from attaining the peace that is within you. It is within you, and within your emotions that you need to start changing first.

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