#28 – Energy

Life is all about energy. Everything is energy, including thought and word; everything in life, from the rock in the garden, to money, is energy. Only when humanity learns to understand energy and how to use it wisely, can the Earth plane change.

Do you realize how much time and energy you give to matters that have very little relevance in your life? You worry about the past, the future, money, your job and your family. Your Self has worried for so long over these matters that it becomes difficult to stop worrying. When you worry, you are wasting so much energy. You can also waste energy with words, futile talk and gossip. You do not realize if you did not waste energy this way, you would be able to use it to manifest all that you need and desire in your life. Energy has to be used, and if it is not used, it becomes atrophied. This applies to all things. Your energy is so precious, but many of you do not respect it and often misuse it in so many ways.

Everything you do is energy, from playing sports to sleeping. Your energy is used in different ways. When you are sleeping, your body is conserving energy and renewing itself. In physical activity, you are putting your energy toward movement and action. By learning about energy, and how to use it properly, you can utilize it at its highest level. “How do I do this?” I can hear you ask. You do this by observing your own energy; how you give it away, how you use and abuse it, and how you waste it.

For instance, there has to be an exchange of energy if you do something for someone – it is Universal law that an exchange be made. Yet, so many of you give of yourselves without thought of how you are wasting energy, or even that you are creating karma for the soul you are helping because they should be doing it for themselves. So, how can you change this? You have to be aware of the ways in which you help people, and make sure there is always an exchange of energy. Say for instance, a friend needs a loan of money and you feel strongly to give it to them. How do you know this soul does not have lessons to learn from having no money? You do not. So, try to be aware of situations such as this. Ask of yourself: “If I help this person, will I stop them from learning a lesson?” The answer, most of the time, is yes.

This card is asking you to be aware of your energy and how it is used. Remember, everything is energy. Find out where and how you are wasting your energy. Just by being aware, and changing one way of misusing energy, you will find you have so much more energy available for more important things in your life.

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