Wisdom Card #33 – Family

Family relationships are some of the most complicated and challenging situations to deal with. Yet, it is also the environment where the soul can work out karmic debt, past life energy and learn valuable life lessons. It is the best place to learn about love, acceptance, compassion and detachment.

So much dissension is caused in families because parents seem to think that they have full, or partial, control over their family members. Whether it is a daughter, who disapproves of her mother or father marrying again; or a parent, who disapproves of their daughter’s choice of husband or the way they live their life. So many people grew up with deep painful emotions and wounded feelings that they were not approved, valued, loved or cared for by their parents. After they became an adult, no matter how successful they are, they still carry the pain deep within themselves, wishing that their parents can accept and truly love them for who they are. So much healing is needed by the majority of the society, around the relationships of home and family. Discord in families is a major problem in the world today. If you wish to have peace in the world, then you have to start with your own family.

So many people have very strong attachment to their family by obligation and conditioning. Their truth becomes their family’s truth, or their family’s truth becomes theirs. Yet, what they do not know is that the family members are all souls who have chosen to be together for their own soul growth. No matter what role each individual soul in the family has chosen to play – parents, children, siblings or relatives, are just the actors in the play; the teachers and mirrors for each other. Your mother, father, wife, husband, children are not your family in the world of Spirit. They are your family on the Earth plane, and they are only here to assist you to learn your life lessons.

With this card, the Universe is asking you to learn from your family dynamics. Do not hold any grudges, anger, hatred or other negative emotions in your heart. If you have any issues with your family members; forgive them; detach from your emotions; respect their truth, and unconditionally accept them for who they are. Only by doing so, can you truly move into higher consciousness and raise your vibration.

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