Wisdom Card #37 – Gratitude

Life on the Earth plane is created for a soul’s learning experience. Soul growth is achieved through the lessons the soul has chosen to learn in this incarnation. As the soul begins its spiritual development, life, at times, seems to become very hard when the karma, past life energy and learning lessons are all intertwined into everyday life. Often it is at this stage, that the individual is easily wrapped up in “negativity” – complaining, blaming, self-pity, fear and anger because the Self part is in control. When you are controlled by the Self, you can hardly see the positive side of life.

However, no matter what has happened in your life and how hard your life might be, everyone and everything is where it needs to be. There are no accidents. You and you alone, decide through choice which way to go; whether to learn the lesson, or delay your lesson for another time, even until another incarnation. Your lessons, once chosen, must be learned; no matter how long it takes!

Therefore, instead of moaning and groaning, complaining and blaming, being angry and holding grudges, try being grateful. Gratitude is one of the key attributes of an open heart. With gratitude, you are grateful for everything that you have, and everything that you do not have; you are thankful for everything that has happened and for everyone who is in your life. With gratitude, you are able to recognize the suffering you have gone through as valuable life lessons, and a source of strength. With gratitude, you become grateful that you have been able to learn from the experiences in your life. Having gratitude enables you to forgive, to let go of your anger, and to appreciate that someone cared enough to help you work through the lessons that you have chosen in your life.

This card is pointing out to you that it does not take a lot for you to thank and appreciate those in your life. Instead of feeling hate, turn that hate into love. Thank the person for being there to help you. If the above situation happens in your life, try transforming your anger into gratitude. Replace your feelings of being hurt, pain, suffering, complaining, blaming, angry and hatred, with thanks, gratitude and love for the opportunities that you have been given to grow and learn. With gratitude, you become such a great soul.

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