What can you do to become more spiritual? The answer is: Be aware. Be aware of what you are saying to others, of how you say it. Be aware of the words coming out of your mouth. Be aware of your fear. Be aware of how you act and react to others, based on your emotions. Be aware of your resistance and what you are resistant toward. Be aware of how your Self manipulates you. Be aware of your subconscious. Be aware of the lessons you have chosen to learn from, so you can complete your unfinished business in this lifetime. Be aware that you have a life plan – your astrology birth chart – where you can find all answers to your very being…. Awareness is the key and one of the most important steps to becoming spiritual.

It is not easy being on the spiritual path, for as you move forward in vibration, the energy of the Earth plane will try to draw you back into what you have just left. That certainly makes moving up in vibration much harder! However, this process can be made easier when you become aware of everything you do. It can often be a case of two steps forward, one step back. However, as you open the door to awareness, the insight gained will help you let go of fear, doubt, insecurity and other issues. The more you can let go of, the more you will begin to raise your vibration. As you continue to raise your vibration, you will gradually feel better, and move away from the old energy. Eventually, you will uncover a peace that many have never experienced. It is worth striving for!

If you draw this card, then the lesson of awareness is being brought to your attention. You may need to pay more attention to what you think, say, or do in your life. Be aware of your thoughts, words, and emotions, for they are the energy that can hold you back from moving forward into new energy. You are the creator of your own reality and you are the master of your own life. With awareness you can begin to understand what it is that you are creating, and what is holding you back.

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