Try not to believe all that you see. Life is an illusion created by you for your learning. Yet, when you are in the illusion, because of the Self, you cannot see through it until you begin to raise your vibration.

What is an illusion? It is having an expectation that something will happen, and then it does not. The majority of humanity lives in an illusion. The world is all about illusion. Illusion is connected to the Self part of you, it is how the Self lives; creating illusions so you cannot see what the Higher Self part of you wants you to see. The Self uses illusion to keep you a prisoner in your own life, to hold you back and to delay your spiritual progress. How does your Self create the illusion? It does so because all it can see is its own pain, suffering and difficulty. The Self makes up stories about how it is being punished, how people are hurting it, and how life is creating problems for it. The Self can see all of the faults of others, but never its own faults! The Self sees itself as perfect. It will argue with you to preserve its own truth. It can never see a positive outcome of any situation! The list is endless of what the Self will do to reign supreme. The Self will feed the ego by its emotional responses, drama, and taking offence to what others say or do. The Self can never see the true purpose of life, because it lives in the illusion it creates.

It is easy to take life so seriously when it is, in fact, an illusion. If you look upon life as an illusion, it does not seem so serious. Think of yourself as an actor on a stage and life itself as the play. For you write the play and create your own entertainment. You are your own critic, and your own reviewer; however, in an illusion, nothing is real! So, how can it be serious? All that matters is in the now moment. Everything from the past is gone. When you live in the now, then you can begin to see through the illusion.

Spirit is asking you today to not take life so seriously, remember the illusion, and enjoy each day instead of dreading it. Try to make it an experience rather than a chore. It is hard work breaking through the illusion, but once you do it is much easier to be intuitive, and life can be seen for what it truly is – an illusion on the highest level!

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