Wisdom Card #47 – Laughter

Life is created for learning and experiencing. Life is not meant to be as serious as you might believe; for life is for living.Life should be filled with fun, laughter, joy and happiness; it is not meant to be heavy and serious. Yes, you have karmic debts to pay, life lessons to learn, and past life energy to be released, but you do not need to be too serious to do so. When you take life too seriously, you cannot fully experience what life is giving you. You may even surprise yourself that you will begin to see life as a game, releasing all of the burdens that come with seriousness. All the fears disappear, fear of life, fear of living, fear of love, fear of disease, fear of not having money, fear of death; then you can see what life is really about, for life is just an illusion!

When was the last time you really laughed? Do you know that a laugh from a good sense of humor can bring so much healing to your life? Laughter is meant to clear the chakra system. A good laugh, from deep down inside the body, can be as powerful as a healing from a very talented healer. Many people take life so seriously that they have forgotten how to laugh, never mind how important laughter is for their health and well-being. A deep, authentic laugh – especially if it brings tears to your eyes – can be such a powerful healing tool. Laughter assists you in raising your happiness level, and getting you out of feeling that life is a burden. Each laugh releases energy from the solar plexus area, enabling you to remove a lot of old energy, by bringing it to the surface to be dealt with.

This card has shown itself in your reading today to ask you to not be so serious. If you happen to have health problems, try to laugh as much as you can. You will find laughter so healing and helpful to your healing process. The more you laugh, the more you heal.

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