Each person experiencing an Earthly incarnation can be the master of their own life. Everyone just needs to recognize their innate mastership. Mastership is attained through effort and energy given to each of the tasks you choose to experience in your life. The path to mastership is not one of austerity, hardship, or pain. It is simply letting go and feeding the soul what it desires on a spiritual level. Each person must find their own way, without aid or assistance from anyone else. However, mastership can be difficult to achieve through normal means because the Self part of humanity will fight to hold the soul back from moving forward in vibration. In order for you to move forward in vibration, you need to be in the energy of the Spiritual Masters. Master is another word for teacher, and that is what the Spiritual Masters are, teachers from the world of Spirit.

The Masters are with each soul who is ready for positive change. Humanity only knows of a few Masters, but there are thousands of Masters in the world of Spirit. They all work in the process of overseeing the Universe, especially in trying to help humankind reach a higher state of being. The Masters from the world of Spirit have freed themselves from the Earth plane through the repayment of their karma, and learning all of their lessons. Once in the spiritual realms, they continue to grow in knowledge, allowing them to raise their vibrations through the many dimensions until they reach a vibration just below that of the Ultimate Being, which many know as God. The Masters (sometimes called Ascended Masters) from the world of Spirit are here to assist the souls on the Earth plane. However, each soul must make this request for help, and the Masters can do nothing without the individual’s permission.

The Masters are not Gods, nor are they anything special. They are spiritual teachers, teachers who have attained such a high level of knowledge, that the Ultimate Being (God) has chosen them to assist in teaching and guiding the evolution of the Earth plane. The Masters all have had many Earthly incarnations. They have grown and evolved throughout each of their lifetimes on the Earth plane. They also teach in the spiritual realms as the learning never stops on a soul level. The Masters are no special soul, just a soul who is regarded as a “Master.” Do not put them on a pedestal; they are just a more evolved version of you. Eventually, if you so choose, you can become a Spiritual Master also.

The Masters from the world of Spirit cannot incarnate on the Earth plane physically due to their higher rate of vibration. They choose people to become channels for them, because by working through a channel, the Masters can bring their message to humanity in a more direct manner. Those who become channels for the Masters are also assisted by the Masters’ energy to move forward in vibration far quicker than normal.

Those who become channels for the Masters have experienced almost every facet of life. These channels have this experience so that they can communicate with people on all levels. Those channels, like everyone else on the Earth plane, have a Self.Therefore, the Masters have to work at freeing their channels from the Self part of themselves. You cannot be a true channel for the Masters if your Self is interfering with the message of the Masters. To do this, these channels have to go through rigorous training to remove the Self and replace it with the Higher Self. This training consists of many years of discipline and hard work in learning to handle a Master’s energy and in learning to let go and allow the words of the Master, not the channel, to be spoken.

The Masters in the world of Spirit can only help those on the Earth plane who want to help themselves. Before you are born, many of you ask for the help of a Master to assist you. The Masters then align you with a channel to assist you. Of every one thousand souls who choose to work with a Master in this way, only 2 of those souls will utilize the energy given to them. The Self part of each person will do all it can to sabotage this work. The Masters cannot interfere with this process, all they can do is offer their help and hope the person will utilize that help to fight the Self! For those who do use the energy to fight the Self, the reward is a raised vibration and not having to return to the Earth plane again.

This card has appeared today because you have been searching for answers your whole life, and it is now time to move forward in finding those answers and becoming your own master. You are a unique being with your own life lessons and path to take. Tell the Universe you are now ready for the change, and watch the Universe skillfully bring to you that change. Then you can become the master of your own life.

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