For many souls, the Earth plane and its purpose – that of learning lessons and moving out of old energy – is a very hard place to be in. In fact, for many souls, the Earth plane is Hell. On top of that, it is a place where they have to do battle with “the Devil or Satan” – which is the Self. The Self plays the role of creating fear, which for many, stops them from moving forward and learning what they need to.

Each soul on the Earth plane is living in their own hologram, living out the life plan that they created before birth. To some, the Earth plane is a place of trial and tribulation. For others, the Earth plane is a place of beauty and amazement. Hence, a person’s perspective depends on the soul’s level of development. As you battle the Self, you move up in vibration. Then you become aware of the Higher Self, and this energy can then assist in controlling the Self and bringing in the higher energies.

The Higher Self is pure love, and is connected to God; all souls are a part of this energy. You just have to find this energy within you. When you are in the Self, in fear, and controlled by other emotions such as doubt, insecurity and lack of confidence, it is very difficult indeed to be in touch with the Higher Self. Only when you move out of the Self by facing your fears, can you become aware of the Higher Self, and merge with this energy. Often the fear you experience is not from this incarnation, but old energy stored in the soul memory. When this is cleared and the person is able to move on, the most wonderful contact with the Higher Self can begin to take place.

What fears do you have? What is stopping you from moving on? Each soul lives in its own hologram and its own learning space. Imagine if you were the only person on this Earth plane who was “real” and everyone else was a figment of your imagination? Think about that, for it could be true. All those who come into your space are there to teach you, to mirror for you something you do not want to see within yourself. You choose whether you look into the mirror or not. You choose whether the hologram is Heaven or Hell! Many people live in constant Hell because of their fear, and they cannot move on. Then when they leave the Earth plane and can “see” what they have done, and how their fear stopped them from moving on, they are mortified.

This card is in your reading today is Spirit telling you they understand it is not easy facing your dark side, but when you move toward the light, peace within yourself becomes more a way of life, and the “battle” with the Self, becomes less and less. Heaven or Hell, good or bad, difficult or easy, are all the different perspectives you can have. There is a choice. You can make your life easy, or you can make it as hard as it could be. You choose this by your perspective of life. The choices you make create the reality you live. It is as simple as that. What is your perspective about yourself and your life?

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