Wisdom Card #68 – Relationships

All relationships are for soul growth. You chose your relationships before you were born, in order for you to pay your karmic debt, work out your past life energy with others, and learn your life lessons. Relationships can come in many different forms – marriage, partnerships, family, children, friends, co-workers, business associates, bosses, teachers, etc. Remember, you are the lead actor or actress in your own play; everyone else is in a supporting role, and is here to assist you to learn and grow spiritually through your relationship with them. Your relationships can change many times during the course of your life, and often need to for your soul growth. However, many of you resist change in this area of your life because of the choices you make.

You come together in a lifetime to learn from each other. Many of you have been together in prior lives as well. You have chosen to come back together again to correct situations which were not resolved in a prior life. Because many do not usually understand this concept, you often revert back into past life mode, the lesson does not receive attention once again, and the karma/lesson never gets finished. Your mother in a prior life could be your daughter in this life; your son could be your father from a past life. What is important is the lesson, not who brings it. Those who bring the lessons into your life are only acting out their part in your destiny, your play. Life is not real, but an illusion, once you can realize that, then you step closer to letting the issue go!

There are times when, because of karma, two people marry to finish unfinished business from the past. There often is a battle in the relationship as the karma plays itself out. Sometimes one of the partners wants to run away! When two people come together, it should be their choice whether they marry or not. Often, two people come together to finish karma and, later on in life, there is no longer any spark left in the relationship. If the karma is not finished in the lessons to be learned, the Universe will bring you another partner to learn from again. You choose what you need and what you do. Your astrological chart will indicate if you are to have more than one partner, or if the possibility is there that you might not complete the karma with one partner. It is your choice.

All of your relationships are here for you, to assist you in learning your life lessons and in achieving soul growth. You come into this life with nothing, and you leave this world with nothing. All that you gain in this incarnation is yours to use, or to dispose of if you chose to do so, BUT it never belongs to you. So many of you like to own a relationship – own a partner, own a marriage, own a child, own a friend, own an associate, etc. Owning anything is the Self’s fear. The Higher Self would not bother about owning anything; it has no fear, and it knows the relationships it need will manifest! Let go of your fear, and you will find your relationships with others will become much better.

Relationships are designed to teach you about tolerance. To be tolerant means to be understanding of all differences, whether in people or other areas of life. It may be difficult to do, but it can be done. Each person is a completely different energy to the next person. No two individuals are the same. When you love another person, you should also be able to understand the differences in your relationship, whether that relationship be as a couple, in a family, or in any other kind of relationship. If each person were to understand others, and to let go of the need to retaliate, then there would be less anger and less war. The majority of anger comes from past life energy that has not been cleared.

So, how do you clear it? You clear anger by not giving energy to it, and by not retaliating to anger from others. Instead, you simply state, “I will have no more of this; I put an end to the conflict, tension and lack of tolerance. I will give this no more energy” Then let it be and move on. The Self of course wants to get vengeance, to retaliate, and will not wish to let anything go. However, if you can move forward without the need to do anything, all of a sudden, the issue will be gone and will never return. The more you can learn NOT to give energy to anger, the higher in vibration you become. It is not easy breaking the link to your emotions, but as you do, you move forward into a more peaceful energy. When you can be tolerant of another and walk away from conflict, you are truly raising your vibration.

Every person who comes into your life is there to teach you something. The person may be your mother, father, family member, friend or someone close, but no matter what they did, they did it to help you. Instead of feeling hate or anger, turn those emotions into love. Thank the person for being there to help you. This moment was chosen by you to help you to grow, and this soul agreed to be a part of this lesson in your life. Instead of hating someone, love them, because they give you the greatest opportunity to grow and to be free of your karma.

When this card presents itself to you, it indicates that you may be going through some turmoil in your relationships. You may feel hurt deeply or wrapped up in “negative” emotions, or you may want to hold onto a relationship situation that is no longer working for you.You may want to escape but see no way out. If you are in any of these situations or any other “negative” state at this moment, you are going through some hard learning you have chosen for yourself. You need to try to detach from your emotions. Do not hold on to anger; do not hold on to grudges and hate of another. Know that if you truly let go, something bigger and better will be presented to you, as the Universe always knows what you need.

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