Wisdom Card #70 – Respect

Respect requires you to have an open heart. Respect means you have the knowledge and understanding that each person is unique. Each person has their own truth and choices to make, and no one should interfere with anyone else’s life, their choices, their decision making, and their likes and dislikes. Respect means allowing others to be their own person and to live their own life. Until each person can learn respect for others – their beliefs, their choice of partner, the color of their skin, their economic status and so forth – humanity will not have peace in the world.

Respect is one of the foremost necessities for peace and harmony, whether in a relationship, in a family, in a work environment, or in the world. What does it matter if your neighbor is Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, or New Age? What does it matter that someone does not believe what you believe? That is what they choose to believe. That is their truth. Just because you choose to believe something different does not mean that you cannot get along with each other. Harmony requires that you both have respect for each other’s opinions. Do not try to change anyone or convince anyone to believe what you believe; do not force your truth upon anyone, by doing so you are creating new karma. The more you try to force others to believe in your truth; the least likely they will be to accept it. So, why not simply allow someone to express who they are by giving them your respect and acknowledgement.

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