Wisdom Card #74 – Subconscious

The subconscious mind lies deep within your psyche, and your soul memory lies within your subconscious. In your subconscious, there is a memory bank that has stored everything that has ever happened throughout your soul’s journey – every thought, every emotion, every deed, and every action and reaction, from this life and all of your past lives.  Although the majority of society does not realize what is in their subconscious mind, the subconscious is in control of your life. Until you are aware of it, you cannot begin to clear it.  Every incarnation you have ever had is in your soul memory. If you have experienced a past life with trauma, sadness, grief, or other emotion and have not released the emotional energy, it will stay in your subconscious. As long as the experience remains there, it plays its role to influence your conscious mind and your life. The trapped and repressed emotions, unused thought energy, and unexpressed feelings, are all stored and recorded in your subconscious. The subconscious mind is more active than you can ever imagine. These trapped thoughts or conditions can become conditioned beliefs, programs and habits. These unreleased emotions and feelings can cause you to act or react out of fear, doubt, insecurity, anger, or jealousy. The subconscious mind will control your life and stop you from moving forward spiritually, until you are ready to look at it.

People often wonder why they go through situations of pain and suffering; why they cannot fulfill their wishes and desires. They try, but somehow they are thwarted from doing so. Each individual retains soul memory of things they ran away from and did not face in past lives. Although the past experiences occurred a long time ago, they are still in your soul memory and can stop you from moving forward in this life. It is in the subconscious that your soul memories are stored, and it is in the subconscious where the Self part of you resides. The subconscious mind has all knowledge of your weaknesses, fears, and doubts, all from your past lives. Because these memories are hidden, they cannot be seen, and so they stay there, hidden away. These memories are then used by the Self every time that you begin to step outside of your comfort zone. For the Self fears change, or anything new. The Self puts the brakes on every time you begin to move ahead, it will bring out these negative experiences from your subconscious memory to hinder you on your path of learning.

The only way you can move forward in your life and grow spiritually is to get inside your subconscious mind and remove these trapped emotions, thoughts, past lives memories, fears, doubts, anger, and insecurities. You face these issues by bringing them to the surface, and not running away from them. You must deal with your blocks from past incarnations and from this life. The sooner you can deal with the blocks within yourself without fear, the sooner you can raise your vibration and move forward in consciousness.

You are the one who has the power to decide whether you allow these emotional energies and memories to remain within you. You are the one who made the choice not to deal with the emotion in a previous incarnation, and because it has now become stagnant energy inside of you, it is waiting for you to remove it from your being. If you are ready to deal with what lies in your subconscious and to clear I from your soul memory, you can get help from a well-trained past life regressionist or hypnotherapist. If your Self is strong, it will fight hard to keep you from releasing these memories. It may take many sessions before you can release enough from your soul memory to move forward, but once you do, you will move forward very quickly.

You have drawn this card today to ask yourself: What are you holding inside of you? What is stopping you from moving forward? Where do your fears come from? You would benefit from looking within your subconscious to release these trapped emotions.

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