Wisdom Card #86 – Within

All the answers you are looking for lie within yourself. Being spiritual is not about being holy, religious, and/or denying oneself. Being a spiritual person is about going within and truly looking at who you are.  Why are you the way you are? Why do you have abject fear of certain things? Why do you feel anger or hatred toward a certain person? Why are you attracted to certain people or places for no reason? You can discover all of the answers within. There is always a metaphysical reason for everything on the Earth plane. However, most people do not have any idea about metaphysics, or the subconscious mind, and therefore they do not have true understanding for why things happen as they do. Each soul on the Earth plane is on their journey of soul growth, learning through Earthly experiences. Each soul is on the planet to work on their karmic debt, release past life energy and learn life lessons, all assisting them to achieve soul growth. Within you lies the pathway to your soul. All answers you need about the soul itself lie within your soul memory.

Soul memory is stored in your deep subconscious mind. Your soul memory records everything that has ever happened to you in this life, and in all of your past lives. Every thought, every experience, every deed, every action or reaction, every piece of unused energy, trapped emotion, habit, conditioning and programming from every lifetime you have ever lived is recorded in your soul memory. When you look within, you can access your subconscious soul memory to get the answers for everything you are looking for.

Look within yourself to see what has held you back, and what you need to let go of to move forward! You do not realize the impact of what you hold onto! Everything you hold onto, every time you do not face your fear, and every time you deny the truth of your situation, you create difficulties for your life and problems for your health. This is because that energy stays in the soul memory, waiting to be released; if it is not released, it stays with you until you are able to release it. Sometimes that does not take place until many incarnations later.

You can access your soul memories via meditation or past life regression. It is those memories deep within the psyche that cause dis-ease, or even disease. Once you remove your fear of accessing that part of you, only then will you really understand the bigger picture of your life! By looking within to locate this information, it will assist you in moving forward on your path of soul growth.

When you let go of your fears, doubts, inhibitions, and the other blocks you put there, you begin to shine from within. You can shine so brightly, that others notice your energy as being so bright and clear, like you are glowing from within. For all of the energy you were carrying, which was weighing you down, will be gone, and the light of the Universe, of God, can shine through you. You will radiate love, peace and healing; all who come into your energy can feel it.

When this card appears in your reading, you may be looking for an answer to something about yourself or your life. No matter what it is, the Universe is gently reminding you that all of your answers are within YOU. By being still and looking within, the answers will come.  In order to recognize the answers clearly, you need to let go of any expectations, fears, doubts, insecurities and detach from your emotions. The sooner you do so, the sooner the answers will come to you, either as an inner knowing, or an “A-ha moment.” No matter what answer is given; you need to accept it, trust it and put it into action.

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