Wisdom Card #84 – Truth

What is Truth? The word, “truth,” can have a different meaning for each person. To be truthful means not to tell a lie. Yet, what is a lie? A lie to one person can be another person’s truth. This may sound like a puzzle, but it raises quite an issue that humankind has not considered, and that is the meaning of “truth.”

Each person has his or her own truth. Your truth is yours alone and may differ from that of anyone else around you. If this is so, then who is correct? Both of you are, because you both see the truth, but in your own way. It is more important to be honest than to be truthful, because when you are honest, you are true to yourself.

Each one of you can look at a picture, and each one of you will see something different from the person next to you. You may see the picture and comment that the light in the picture is too intense. Another person may view the same picture and make comment about the darkness of the shadows, or the colors of the oils not being correct, etc. Each of you sees the picture as YOU see it – not as anyone else sees it – and there is the difference in each person’s truth.

No person can profess to know the truth, because one person’s truth can be another person’s folly. No one person can be correct at any time because they are correct only as THEY see it, not as another person sees it. If another person comes to agree with that same truth, it is perfectly fine, but it is also not wrong to believe something different. If you insist on others taking your truth, without allowing them to decide for themselves, then you impinge on their free will. Each person should see the subject for themselves, so they can make their own decision. Their decision may be not to accept your truth. Conversely, when you accept another person’s truth without question, then you cut yourself off from your own intuitive process, therefore distancing yourself from your OWN truth.

This card tells you that it is time for you to start becoming your own person, and to recognize your own truth. Even though another person may not believe it, it is YOUR truth. When you accept your own truth, then you become the individual who you are supposed to be. You should also allow others to experience their own truth, because everyone is different. Once you accept your own truth and acknowledge another’s truth, without argument or dissension, then you become enlightened. Only by doing this, and becoming detached from anyone else’s truth, can you truly change and move into higher vibration.

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