It never ceases to amaze me how many people expect spiritual teachers to be Gods; and do not even consider they are human! Just because we are what could be termed metaphysical or spiritual does not mean we are perfect. Our life is a series of lessons and challenges, most of which we have chosen to learn because we did not do it in a previous life, or because we have chosen to learn aspects of life we have not done before. My son was a Buddhist Monk in a past life, he was part of a monastery life, and had no possessions except his begging bowl and his clothes. In this life he came to experience life in a very selfish way, to have possessions, and his lesson is to have the possessions in this life yet not hold on to them, something which is hard to do for one with a lot of Taurus planets! One would have thought after his Buddhist life he would not have come back, but he chose to do so, for more learning.

Personally, myself, I was a very metaphysical person in a past life; I cannot say I was spiritual because I shied away from any reference to spirituality. I created a lot of karma for myself, and of course needed to come back for another round of learning and challenges. Hopefully in this life because of the help of Maitreya my teacher from spirit, I have learned my lessons and challenges, and although I still have a lot lessons to learn and I will do until the day I die. I am not afraid of facing them. I am human; I AM a channel, but I am not above anyone else. I had an astrologer tell me many years ago people would either love me and want to bow down at my feet, or they would run away in terror. At the time of writing this blog, more people have run away; and I never want anyone to bow down at my feet, I allowed this in another past life, and on seeing it in a past life session, was thoroughly disgusted that I allowed this to be because it was an ego thing! ALL spiritual teachers/Guru’s, on the earth plane are human, they are no different to you and I, they just have more knowledge than you, and they have chosen to be spiritual in this life for their learning! For some reason just as we do with pop stars and film stars, we tend to put spiritual teachers on a pedestal.

It does not mean one should not respect them and have admiration for their talents and experience, but always remember, they are human, not Gods, and certainly not above anyone else in the world. It is very difficult when people for instance want to pay homage to you. In India it is a term of respect, for spiritual teachers to have people touch their feet. When it first happened to me I did not know what to do, and since then have let it be known I prefer not to have people do that; but occasionally it will happen and I find it very difficult to handle. We are all human, the only ones who are not are the teachers and energies who do channel through us, and as I have stated before, just because we are a channel for an energy, does not mean we are better than anyone else. The belief also is that once one has reached what is called enlightenment one does not have to come back to the earth plane again, but this is not the case, many DO choose to come back, their lives are usually very easy, but they still have their challenges and their lessons just because they were spiritual in a past life does not mean they stop learning and being challenged in this life.

Just like the rest of you, we live on the earth plane, we have a birth chart which we have chosen before we are born, we choose what we will learn. We have our sad times and our happy times. For some reason, it is assumed we do not, or should not experience depression, sadness, difficult times, but we do, we experience anger and frustration, even the Dalai Lama has said he experiences anger. He is a man of peace but he is still human. When one reads about the great teachers, spiritual or otherwise, they all have human traits! When I was at a spiritual convention many years ago, a woman approached Alan about speaking to me, and Alan told her to go over and talk to me. She expressed wonder at the fact I would want to speak to her, and why would I not? She was a seeker and I was a teacher, but she held me in great awe. Since then I have got to know her very well and she has been a student of mine, she finds it amazing that I was expelled from school for swearing, and that I have not been perfect in my life, but oh dear, would I have been a boring person if I had been perfect lol!

I honestly feel people put you on a pedestal because they do not know what to do with you; to them you are someone who is better than them, someone who stands out as a personality, and as such we need to let people know we ARE human, not Gods, or special people. Yes, we may be talented and gifted at what we do, but we are still human like they are!