For most of my life, I have hated my body! Our family has a tendency to being overweight, my mother and father both carried quite a bit of weight, until he got ill and lost weight so did my brother. My two daughters and son have battled weight issues. This morning in the shower I was thinking about the way I had felt, I am not as bad as I used to be over my body, I can look at it now in my 68th year with pride in a way, because not only have I lived until 68, I am healthy, and no longer hate my body like I used to. As I was thinking and looking at my body as I did my ritual daily cleansing, I felt the presence of my spiritual teacher Maitreya. I do not feel him as often as I used to do these days, because now I get and trust my own answers, he is there of course when I deep trance channel and when I do readings and teach, but I do not need him as much as I did.

As I washed my body, and washed my arms which may I say are very large at the top, his voice said, your arms have carried a lot of responsibility during your life; you needed big arms to carry the weight of other people and the issues you took off them while doing your work. I have to be honest, I had never thought of that, but as a negative clearinghouse for other people and places, I could see it. I have never counted how many readings I have done in my life, but I do know very few have walked away unhappy; Maitreya’s energy always takes their problems away from them by giving assistance and advice when people are troubled. There are days I have gone home exhausted after doing one or more readings. It HAS felt as if I have taken at times, the weight off the shoulders of those I have assisted. I began to think of the walk I had chosen to do later, and again the voice said; “your legs also supported the body which filled with water, allowed us to work with you from our world.” I have to admit I have a lot of problems with my legs because I am not a lover of exercise, and the incredible energy I have channeled through my body over the years has taken a toll on my knees. In the beginning I did not understand I needed to disperse the energy after sitting down and channeling, I was still in so much fear, I could not communicate easily with Maitreya. He tried to tell me I needed to walk after channeling, but I was always so tired after doing it, by the time I recovered, I was so tired I could not do it!

As I soaped my body, the gentle voice spoke inside of me telling me how my body had helped me, how my ears allowed me to hear the problems of my clients and my eyes to see them, how my heart had opened each time to allow the spiritual energy through to soothe and heal, and yes give love to those who did not have it for themselves. Despite for years my not having love for myself, I still had love for anyone else no matter what their situation. My mouth had given the messages from spirit, my hands had healed in the beginning; every part of my body had been used as a vessel in some way to assist those in the next world. Maitreya showed me the pages and pages of testimonials to my work going back 30 years, glowing letters thanking myself and him for the healing/reading/course which a lot of the time had changed the lives of those who wrote. I had never really acknowledged those, I read them when they came, but never really saw them as a testimonial to what I did with my body! I have to say I saw them today in a different light.

One of the things I have fought in my life, is in having an ego. In many past lives I have had an ego and it was the destruction of my soul. In my life in this incarnation I have tried so hard NOT to have an ego. My first husband told me I had one when I did a radio show in 1978, and I allowed that statement to influence a decision that I came to regret; I left the radio station, and moved house miles away from where I could go back. I allowed that statement to stop me from doing something I really enjoyed and wanted to do. How many of you have done a similar thing because of what someone said? The fear of having an ego stopped me from giving myself praise when I did good, many times I have given all credit to spirit when I knew I had done something good and it had been recognized. I thought of this in the shower also and Maitreya once again was there, he said “we cannot do our work without you. You are pivotal in what we do, without you as the channel between us and those seeking assistance, we could not give the message. Do take credit for what you do, it is not wrong and it is pleasing to us to see you do this.” I know this is something I still have to work on, but I am not as obsessed with the ego subject as I was before; thank goodness.

As I finished my shower, I stepped out of the shower a different woman to the one who went in. I had never seen my body as a tool/vehicle before, oh yes, I would tell people I was only the vehicle, but never really LOOKED at it as such. My brother was a coal miner, he is retired now, but his body shows the effects of a lifetime of hard work digging coal, working underground and using heavy equipment. His body shows the work he put into providing coal for millions of homes both in Australia where he worked and overseas. I have never asked him how he sees his body, but I am sure he never looks at it the way I have just described it. Before he went into the mines, he worked building roads, again without his efforts and those of others there would have never been roads for people to travel on. We never see what we do as an important factor in growth; we are always too eager to criticize ourselves and put ourselves down. We should look at what we do and how it affects our body in a different way. You would be as surprised as I was at how much my body has helped me in my life in the work I do. I can see someone asking, “but what would a cake decorator do, how would her body help her?” Her hands would be her tools, and as we look at the exquisite work the decorator has done, her hands have created that exquisite creation while her mind and creative talent has formed the design she has done!

We need to look at ourselves differently, as beautiful vehicles for what we are able to do no matter what it is we do. We need to honor those parts of us, which do the work, just as my whole body has been instructive in what I have done in my life. Instead of just seeing our body as ‘a body’ we need to look at what it does for us. When I applied for US citizenship, I had to take a thorough physical examination. I was told then, at age 61, that I had an enlarged heart. At first, I wrote to friends asking what this meant, I never thought to ask Maitreya, but then many mediums will tell you, they never ask those they work with in spirit when they have a problem, LOL! This morning he told me why I have an enlarged heart. It is because, first of all I needed the larger heart to enable me to deal with the body weight, and secondly, I needed a larger heart to deal with the love coming from spirit to those I assisted in readings/healing/teaching! I have to admit when I was given the verdict after my X-Ray I became concerned, but did not give it any energy. I am glad I did not, because I could have drawn issues to do with that into my being.

The next time you are in the shower, look at your body and ask it how have you helped me? I feel strongly you will be able to see where it did help you during your life. We all have a body and 99% of us do not like our body, BUT everyone has a body designed for them, for the work they will do in their lifetime. Instead of disliking it, give it credit, I am sure my body purred this morning as I got out of the shower, don’t hate your body, embrace it for what it is enabling you to do!