If you had told me 35 years ago I would become a channel and allow another energy/soul to write and to speak through me, I would have told you, you were nuts! But 35 years on, I am not only a channel but a teacher, astrologer, past life reader and a healer. How do I know it is not me who speaks and writes? Because when I read what is written, it is not what I am used to writing. Many of us are channels but do not know we are. How many times have you said something to a friend or family member and said something which shocked the life out of you, and you have said or thought to yourself, “where on earth did that come from?” For those who believe in life after death, even they do not often understand what a channel is; a channel is an intermediary, a middle man or woman who allows an energy from the world beyond ours to use their bodies/voices to work through them on this earth plane. It may seem far-fetched; but so did the idea of electricity when it was first invented. It is just not known that well because until the last 30 years, the world of metaphysics (the psychic) was never really talked about never mind be common knowledge and even today many spiritual/metaphysical people do not understand what a channel is.

The most common perception of a channel is a person who is in contact with the devil, or something evil. I know my first husband had such a scared look on his face when I told him I was going to have a class in trance mediumship on the metaphysics course I was taking at the time. The energy I channel, an energy known as Maitreya would be the polar opposite of what people perceive. This energy has helped thousands of people over the 22 years I have been with him, and whose energy when he channels through me is sought after and loved by so many around the world. Being a channel though is not easy for there is a lot of work and preparation in becoming one. For years I was in terrible fear of saying I was a channel, and also of sitting in a room with people and going away into a trance state and allowing this energy I was working with to speak. What if people laughed at me? What if it WAS me speaking? This created a real problem for me over the first 10 years of my channeling. Even when people told me after a session they saw “golden figures” standing behind me, and could see energies enter and leave my body, that after a session they often felt “healed” and they loved the energy when Maitreya spoke and taught, I still could not trust what was happening, I had a deep fear of doing it, yet allowed myself to do it because I knew it was my destiny to do so, despite having the fear. I would also feel so wonderful after doing a channeling session, such peace.

All of my life I had a fear of dying and seeing a ghost, and here I was allowing a spiritual energy to use my body and to talk about the world beyond ours. In the beginning I could not let go of myself, so when this energy spoke, I stayed in my body, basically sharing my body with this energy. I was terrified it would say something which would be bad, or which would upset someone (which it never did) but in 1999, I finally left my body and allowed the energy to have total control and I left while he was there. When people told me after that, they saw a “golden figure” standing behind me; I would tell them it was me! For a person who was very controlled and stubborn also, it was very hard in the beginning to let go and follow the guidance of this energy, he taught me some amazing information; I was until my mid- thirties, an absent Christian. An Absent Christian to me was a person raised as a Christian but who never went to church. My total belief system was Christian, and once Maitreya came into my life, he taught me about a different system of the spiritual way. At first I was shocked, but in his energy and without anyone around me telling me different, it resonated with my being, and the more I learned the more I wanted. Not only that, but all the fears I had, and I had so many, began to melt away. The new way he taught me was completely alien to the way I had been taught, and changed my thinking so much, as time passed I became unrecognizable as the person I was. He asked me to create a web site which I did, and he was soon writing about a myriad of subjects which drew an audience of followers. I would be in awe of what he was writing through me. There was no way I could have written what was being penned; sometimes it was so beautiful it would make me cry. It took me many years before I finally came to terms with this energy, as one day I would believe in what was happening and at other times I would think it was me doing it. It brought me days of peace and days of fear! A true channel will never tell you what to do, you are your own person and everything you need to know is within you, he/she will say things to a person as “what does your own heart say or feel?” and ask you to trust your own inner voice, your intuition.

A few days ago he asked me to create a blog again; I had written a blog a few years ago, but with the advent of Facebook and other social media websites it ceased to be. He wanted me to write about being a medium, the funny, the serious, just general chit chat, not a teaching tool, nothing serious, just a blog which for those who read it, it may entertain them, and so this blog will be all about that. I am so thrilled to be blogging again, and hopefully entertaining you about being a channel and the world I live in. It will not always have a metaphysical leaning, it is about me and who I am and how I live and what I do, and hopefully will contain humor; but more than anything, it will entertain.

Margaret McElroy