I am a sucker for Christmas movies; here in the USA beginning early in November, they begin showing Christmas movies on a certain channel. They are wonderful movies, all with a happy ending. I sit there enthralled watching these movies, and today thought to myself; “why cannot life be this way all of the time, why do we have to wait for Christmas to feel good?” Of course I know it cannot be like it all of the time, life is not easy, but it got me thinking, if we can feel that good in November and Christmas why not all of the time? We very rarely see positive news broadcast, or a newspaper with good news in it; it is constant doom and gloom, fear and dire warnings about our health and the food products we eat. I wondered what would happen if we did have a happy newspaper, TV station and radio station? Imagine if you lived with positive thoughts every day, would this make a difference to your life? When I lived in Washington, we had a center and each week for a period of time I would record on video a “Happy Thought For The Day.” The feedback I got from doing this was amazing, all positive, thanking me for doing it and letting me know how much it changed their energy!

We live in a world which is constantly in negative mode, the reported news is about strife, war, killing, anger, politics, and none of it about happy stuff; I have stopped watching the news and reading about it, because it makes me very down. No wonder we stay in the negative all the time, we are exposed to it 24/7. We occasionally get a news report, which depicts happiness, or a good deed done by someone, but they are indeed rare items. Someone asked me what we can do to change this, and I asked my teacher Maitreya; he told me the first thing to do is to smile at everyone who crosses our path, just smile, even if they do not smile back, they will want to, but will usually be so unused to it. Just by doing that, we are creating a positive happy vibe around people. I actually tried this one day and was surprised how many people were suspicious of my smile, how many turned away rather than see it, and how only a few smiled back. We have lost the ability to be happy, many of us because there is no happiness in our lives!

Life is getting busier, and our lives are becoming filled with one thing or another; the ability to be happy is alien to us; and for many unfamiliar. When was the last time you were happy, truly happy? Can you remember when? We should not be miserable and unhappy, we came to the earth plane to learn lessons, yes, but we also came to be happy, something we have lost the art of doing. Just try for a day smiling at people in the street who look your way, say something positive to someone also, comment on their clothing, shoes, or hair; just watch them shine as the compliment hits home. We do not have to wait until Christmas to feel good, we can feel good all year round; we just have to change a few things we do. Hopefully, one day there will be newspapers, TV and radio stations with happy news; and a lot of people will have smiles on their faces rather than sadness and scowls, until then though, we just have to create our own happiness, and that is not hard to do. The day I smiled at people, I watched their faces break into smiles as they received that smile, and also how their demeanor changed, it made MY day, and uplifted my spirits for days. Try it, and you will get to experience what I did, total joy!

Happiness is a state of mind; we do not have to wait until Christmas to experience it.