It never ceases to amaze me how many people get upset because they cannot do spiritual work as a career. I must say I have been very lucky, not only was I born with the ability to be very intuitive, but also my career began with my becoming a magazine clairvoyant for the most popular weekly magazine in New Zealand. From the day I began my metaphysical work at age 38, until now, I have been very blessed in not only working my craft, but also to be paid for it as well. There are not many people who can do this, it is interesting that Sylvia Brown, John Edward and I share the same birthday, 19th October, different years, but the same month and day; perhaps that also is a contributing factor. When I began my career, I had delayed it for 14 years because I had no confidence, I was in fear of being ridiculed and laughed at, and more than anything, I did not feel ‘spiritual’ because I was so ordinary, not at all ‘holy.’ It finally took something absolutely dire in my life, a recession, where I lost everything I had, to bring me to tell God I would work with it, and then the teachers were found, and my career began; I did not know then I would be channeling a Master from the spirit world.

From the very beginning I knew why before I became metaphysical, people called me ‘Wendy Pep;’ (my real name is Wendy, Margaret is my middle name and I prefer to use that name rather than Wendy, I never felt a Wendy.) I had heaps of energy, so much so I found it hard to deal with before I began working it. I was a mother of two children and all of my energy went into my children. When I became metaphysical and began doing readings, I could do reading after reading and never be tired. When I was working for the magazine, I was doing 40 readings a week, two 3 hour classes a week, a radio show, the magazine column and still managed to do a couple of past life sessions, yes I was tired on my day off which was a Sunday, but I only needed a day’s rest and I was back to normal again. Even now at age 68 as I write this blog, I can still do a two week teaching course with lots of energy, and only need a couple of days to recover after the course.

Working with spiritual energy can be very draining, first of all, it takes energy to work with spirit, and they use our energy to do the work. I am lucky; I have an abundance of energy, in fact when I do not use it I can become very depressed and down. In my forties and fifties, I had so much work, it never bothered me, but in my sixties, my work became less and I found myself getting restless and frustrated at NOT using the energy. It was then I created the 2-week residential courses, to keep me busy and use the energy. I was born to be a channel, to work with spirit, hence the amount of energy I have and the ability to use it; astrologically it is all there too; but what if you do not have the energy? Everyone has energy, but if you are using the energy for other things, such as your daily job, family, etc., you do not have a lot of energy for anything else. I was fortunate in that when I began my career, I did not have to work, I was what is termed a housewife (I called myself housewife superstar LOL!) so I was able to put everything I had into my readings, classes and other metaphysical work I did.

When we work with metaphysics, we work with energy, it is controlled by and a part of the endocrine system; It is very common to have adrenal exhaustion early on in your work because you do not understand the connection between your work and the endocrine system. We also only have a certain amount of energy each day, if we look at energy as a pizza, and then take out slices for the work we do; one slice for family, another for our work, another for any stress we endure, another for entertainment, (yes entertainment can be anything we do which takes energy to do it) it soon seems apparent we do not have a lot of energy left. It also creates a need within us for food. I once watched Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium ask her husband Larry why she was so hungry? You cannot help but be hungry as a Medium or as a healer, because you have to replace what you give out as energy; for me for a long time it made me crave sugar foods. It was very much later I realized I was just needing energy and candy and chocolate were a quick fix for what I needed energy wise. Working as a Medium can also create problems with the body’s blood sugar, many Mediums become diabetics over the years, and weight gain is also possible when working with the metaphysical energy. In a way it is a form of protection.

I have learned to let go of the feelings I am failing if I take time out to get my energy back to normal; when working with metaphysics one is working on a different wave length altogether than the normal person in the street. You need to understand what your body can do, and how it will affect you doing metaphysical work. Some people who have loads of energy NEED to work, if not the energy goes inside of them and can cause problems with depression, health problems etc., but those who do not have a lot of energy, they can still do their work, but need to monitor their energy levels closely, so they do not cause health problems for themselves. It is very important to do this. Not only does it affect the endocrine system but also the glands, I had a friend who when she began using her energy had glandular fever twice, one session immediately after another.

You cannot work for the spirit world if you do not have the energy to give to them. Sharing the Pizza does not work, they are hungry souls in the spirit world, that does not mean to say one cannot buy a Pizza, it just means one has to use the slices in the best possible way. We have this belief system we need to do everything ourselves, when in fact we need to share our responsibilities, we need to learn to say “No” instead of saying “Yes” all of the time. We need to let go of guilt when we cannot do what is requested of us, after all, we only have a certain amount of energy, and if we are working for spirit, we need energy to work with them. We have to change and often this is the hardest thing to do, to say “No.” We need to take time to rest, to let our body’s recover after doing anything strenuous, even sport has to be curtailed, or hobbies which can tire us out. It is all about the energy used.

If you are working on a metaphysical level, you need to be aware of your energy needs and closely monitor them. In certain cases, if you really want to work with spirit, you need to give away what you consider uses a lot of energy, look at your needs energy wise and drop what you can so you have more energy for spirit. I did get to the point many years ago when I did have adrenal exhaustion, it was not a good experience, in fact it was really serious and it took me months to recover. Working on a metaphysical level takes a lot of energy, YOUR energy, in the spirit world those who work with us do not have energy, they do not need it, but they do need you to provide it, you cannot do that if you have eaten all of the Pizza!