Many people are under the impression that our lives are fated and we cannot change them; but we can change them! Yes, we choose our lives before we are born and many people find this hard to understand; over the years I have heard so many people say “but why would I choose my mother/father?” or mention other people in their lives. “Why did I choose such a miserable life?” and other such questions. We choose lives such as this because it is the only way to grow on a metaphysical/spiritual level. For the majority of people, the word spiritual speaks of religion, church, praying etc., it did for me for many years. From the age of 5 until the age of 15, I was like a lot of ‘spiritual’ people on the earth plane, I associated the word spiritual with Jesus and the Christian Faith; I was in fear of God.

Like most teenagers I moved away from the spiritual path in my teens; boys, alcohol, parties and a good time seemed more interesting than the Bible, church and religion. It was during this time I was exposed to other faiths and belief systems including astrology. Although I did not go into astrology deeply, the concept was interesting to me. I then for the next 20 years searched for meaning in my life, reading different books on belief systems, and finally settling with no particular faith at all. I believed in reincarnation, I always had done, but most of my thinking, concept of life was based on my Christian background. I truly believed though that my life was the way it was, I could not change it.

In my thirties I read a book “The Game of Life and How to Play it” authored by Florence Scovel Shinn. This book changed my life because it told me I could change my life by saying affirmations to change the energy of my present thinking, and as I started to say affirmations, change did occur and I was able to see change; first of all in small ways and then big ways. That book led me to other ‘metaphysical’ books, which enabled me to change my thinking, especially along spiritual thoughts. For instance in my Christian background I had been taught to help as many people as I could, this would help me get into heaven. In my new books though, I was informed that by helping others I was stopping the person I was helping from learning their lessons, and stopping them from growing on a soul level. The thing is, it made sense to me. I could ‘see’ how that worked and then had to change my thinking and practice not helping people, which was very hard to do. It was only when I stopped helping people and allowed them to sort their own problems and issues out for themselves I could see what I had been doing in my life and what I had been doing to stop those whom I had helped from doing it for themselves!

The more books I read, the more I changed; when I discovered astrology I began to learn about the relationship between the planets, signs and houses of astrology and how my life was influenced by them. I also learned I was here to change the old patterning of my life, and to introduce new patterning; I could change my life, I could move out of where I was in my life, all I needed was a belief system and to adhere to that system and I could change many things in my life. It seemed every day became an “aha” moment. I had been brought up to believe what I had, and what I was doing was my “lot” in life. I was not to step out of my “station”, it was a very strong belief system created by my parents. I was born to be middle class and could not move beyond that.
My biggest discovery was in the fact, the realization that I could change my life and that I was the creator of my life, not God or anyone else. I discovered where I put my energy was where I could be successful. I discovered that astrology could help me with this, there was a time astrologically to do things, and if I timed it with that, I would manifest it. As I began to move forward, creating my own reality and manifesting my hopes, wishes and dreams I felt almost as if I was God, not in an irreverent way, but as if I was so powerful, I was no longer restricted to limits; I went beyond them. I then began to teach others through my work, they could do this too, and watched, as they too became Masters of their own destiny. Astrology taught me where I would find challenges, where I would find transformation; and it was so accurate, but I also learned to work with the energy so the lesson was not so hard.

Since 2008, I have been in a very restrictive pattern, caused by the planet Saturn being in my 12th house of my birth chart transiting wise, then Saturn going into Libra (I am a double Libra with my Sun and Ascendant in Libra) and then Saturn going into Scorpio. (I have three planets in Scorpio) my husband Alan has been almost identical to me, as we are both Librans, and both have planets in Scorpio (he has more than I do.) It was very restrictive indeed, as Saturn is the teacher, the planet that teaches you discipline and forces you to change your ways if you have not learned the lessons of your birth chart. Not only was it a very hard time for us, but it also took away almost everything we had. Had we not had the understanding of Astrology and the metaphysical knowledge, I know we would have never got through years since 2008, and may I add, we are changed people because of what we went through! We could not change that time if we wanted to, but we COULD understand it, and with the channeling information we had from my teacher in the next world, Maitreya, plus other energies also, we would never have survived.

Now the tides are turning, and the change is so big for me personally, it is like going from the bottom of the mountain to the top overnight. All of a sudden because Saturn has moved into another sign, Alan and I are freed from the restrictions of the last 7 years. We are different people than the ones we were in 2008. Yes, we went through a very difficult time, but we are transformed and changed because of doing so, better also. Yes, we do have a fate, but with astrological advice and guidance, we can understand our fate, understand why we are going through difficult, hard times. Once we know it makes it so much easier to cope with. Even though I had chosen to have a Spiritual teacher to help me in my life, I was not immune from what I have gone through since 2008; however, it made it so much better understanding why.

Saturn often brings change, and we often have a fear of change; yet once that change takes place we look back and say, “Why didn’t I make the change before” Saturn forces us to face our fear. Recently as I write this, Saturn moved into Sagittarius, it will be there for two and a half years. If you have your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mid-heaven or two or more planets in the sign of Sagittarius, then Saturn will definitely have an impact on your life. It is not to be feared, it is an opportunity for you to change your fate, to move forward into a higher state of consciousness. YOU are the creator of your own reality; you and you alone are the Master of your own future, what will you create in that future? Will you have fear at change; will you stop the flow of new energy coming in? Understanding your Saturn can be the ace in your life, will you change the way you do things? Once you allow the changes to occur, you then change the direction of your life into a more positive flow.

Stop thinking what you have is your ‘lot’ it is not and you can CHANGE this at any time, you just need to face the fear and deep subconscious emotions which change brings. Fate is what you make it. YOU hold the key, nobody else!